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Friday July 19, 2013 5:45 pm

Microsoft doubles down on anti-iPad ad campaign amidst major Surface RT failure [Video]

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iPad vs Surface

Microsoft's 900 million write off on the Surface RT hasn't prevented them from continuing its advertising campaign efforts by bashing Apple's iPad and propping thier device as the the better alternative. Microsoft recently slashed the price of the Surface RT by $150 in hopes of getting them off store shelves and into customer's hands. The Surface tablet has been suffering from poor sales as it dove into the highly competitive tablet computer arena. The question is will these continued commitment efforts work? Check out the video ad. Does Microsoft make its case?

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I don’t think Android will win the battle with slander. The trade-in numbers for Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 were high compared to Apple on end of lifecycle, which to me means Apple is wining the tablet race and Android should expect many of their tablet users to go back to Apple because they don’t feel all warm and fuzzy with Android tablets yet.

I have the Nexus 10 after being an Apple fan for a long time. Without prejudice, I tried out the Note II and Nexus 10 and I’ll admit I hardly used them for the first few weeks because I was so comfortable with navigating around IOS. After the learning curve is where I was ABLE to make a comparison.

Without a great deal of substance to back it up, I think many iOS to Android users have fatigue in getting past the changes they’re used to with iOS. Since iOS ate the cake for years before Andorid, almost everyone is farmiliar with iOS and can literally cause loyality to remain with Apple because users are unwilling or unmotivated to unwind their iOS mindframe.

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