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Monday January 30, 2012 4:09 pm

Mercedes-Benz B-Class plug-in hybrid set for U.S. debut soon

mercedes-benz b-class

The U.S. segment for luxury automobiles is a cutthroat marketplace. The top two players, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, are in a constant battle for supremacy. Last year BMW led in sales by 2,715 vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz obviously hopes to take the lead. However, the road to success is that of trial-and-error. Mercedes-Benz plans on introducing a B-Class into its current line-up of vehicles for the States. The B-Class would be a plug-in hybrid aimed towards the U.S. buyer, says Joachim Schmidt, head of global sales for Mercedes-Benz.

Along with the B-Class, Mercedes-Benz plans on extending its hybrid line-up along with adding smaller class of vehicles—the A-Class. Though these are solid moves in attempting to overthrow BMW’s lead, only time, along with sales, will tell if Mercedes-Benz succeeds.

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Platehunter Platehunter 7/26/13 3:34 am

It really looks like an old hatchback honda civic.

Arvin Buising Arvin Buising 7/26/13 3:35 am

Yes, it really does! <a href=“http://www.platehunter.com”>Platehunter</a>

    Now Mercedes Benze is also set to introduce their new Sedan, A coolest car ever from Mercedes Benz. Waiting to see this on road. Thanx for sharing your info about this car, realy like it.

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