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Friday February 18, 2005 12:40 pm

Megazooka: A New Way to Scare Your Pets

Posted by Hector Martinez Categories: Misc. Tech

Mega Zooka  Other than for driving your cat and co-workers crazy, I can’t quite think of a reason for this thing.  But maybe those are reasons enough!  This device is an air launcher used to shoot a focused blast of air up to 20 feet away.  It uses no electiricity, requiring no charging or batteries.  Simply pull on an elastic launcher, and instant hilarity ensues.  It’s also pretty quiet, for maximum surprise effect.  Measuring at about 17 inches x 15 inches by 11 inches, it’s yours for $24.99 - and it’s probably safer than airborne paperclips and rubber bands.

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But rubberbands hurt more…

Cats hate having air blown at them , this thing will just lead you to getting attacked in your sleep lol

why would anyone want to harm the poor animals :p xactly whats the real point of this?

these are so amusing. air cannons rock.

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