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Wednesday December 14, 2005 9:08 pm

Make My Day Choose-Your-Own-Adventure DVD

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Movies

Make My Day DVDA few weeks ago we had the pleasure of viewing Make My Day. A creation of Hidden Frame Productions, Make My Day reminds us of those Choose Your Own Adventure books we enjoyed as younglings, as the premise is that you take the main character and guide him through his day using choices presented to you. While just about every scenario results in the death of the main character, the numerous ways that he dies had us laughing out loud. For only $15 USD, this one is definitely a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone with even a slight sense of humor.

WIN IT!: Want to win your own copy of Make My Day? Just head on over to our Holiday Giveaway Forum Thread for details! Two readers will walk away with a Make My Day DVD courtesy of Hidden Frame Productions and Gear Live Media.

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Forum Discussion

Will there be different possible WIN IT prizes every day?

-I’ve been looking to get a new phone, and my mp3 player broke recently so i’d LOVE the SonyEricsson W800 Walkman Phone, smile.

-My greatest holiday gift EVER, was last year, my parents, and many of my cousins, aunts, uncles and so on, all pitched in and got me a $250 Chipotle Burrito gift card. I’ve been in heaven since. smile (for those of you who dont know chipotle restaraunts http://www.chipotle.com , BEST BURRITOS EVER!)

well, i was going to go for the hotspotter, but it’s not marked ohh

best gift was probably about $300 last year that went torwards my trusty laptop… even though i’m selling it, it’s a great machine raspberry


well, it’s on the list now, consider this my entry!

1. I would like the SCOTTeVEST Rodeo. I don’t have any expensive or leather Jackets so it would really help my “social” status to win this!

2. The greatest holiday gif that I’ve ever received would probably have to be at Age 10 when I got my first and only kitten. Sadly, I had to give him up after 3 weeks. Here’s my story:

          Well, I was 10 and I had just come back from Soccer practice at AYSO. I was very tired and the times were tough and it was around Christmas time. Well, when I got back home, my mom told me my dad had brought me a surprise. Personally, I don’t like surprises, so I begged to know what it was. My mom’s not a very good surprise keeper, so she told me. I was literally jumping up and down. When I heard that key in the door, I immediately rushed out to greet my dad, and my new kitten smile. I named him Lulu, and he was greyish with light black stripes. He was about 10 weeks old I think. I immediately fell enough with him, but unfortunately, I had to give him up after 3 weeks. Well, what had happened was he wasn’t trained to go to the “bathroom” himself. And at the time, we lived in an apartment which BANNED pets, so we were sneaking him all the time. What happened was after a few days, he “went” (#2) on our carpet and made a mess everywhere. My dad had to hold him up to the sink and wash him off. Then, a week later, he jumped up on our table and knocked over a very expensive vase and ended up breaking it. My dad and mom were getting angry at him, but I convinced them to let me keep him. Then the 3rd week, our managers found out we had been keeping a pet. So they told us we had 24 hours to get rid of him, or we would be evicted. So I had to go into the car, holding him in my hands. I was literally in tears that day. I cried as the pet store worker picked him up from my hands and put him in that cruel cage. I would never be the same again. I loved Lulu…..

1. SCOTTeVEST Milan rodeo technology enabled jacket!!!!!  It looks tight.
2.  The best gift was the N64 when it first came out.  I wanted it so badly because the graphics were amazing.  My aunt bought me it.

uh i know i posted early but, when can we expect to see the prizes winable? possible date?

uh i know i posted early but, when can we expect to see the prizes winable? possible date?

Yeah, I’d like to know too. But obviously it must be before Christmas, right?

Prize winners will be announced before Christmas - still don’t have a firm date because we are still getting items in for the giveaway.

is it alright if we posted early? and are there gonna be any different prizes than those shown, or will they be the same as now.

You said that you’d be looking for help from viewers about giving ideas on what should be on the holiday buying guide.  So how can I help?  I think there could be some great additions to this list smile

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