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Tuesday January 17, 2006 11:11 pm

Major Nelson’s Custom Xbox 360 Hard Drive And Controller

Major Nelson Hard Drive

While hanging out with Major Nelson a few weeks ago, he broke out his metal briefcase that was full of his custom Xbox 360 goodies. Above, you can see his custom hard drive that he had etched with his GamerTag. As it turns out, the Xbox team got to get their drives engraved with their choice of lettering, but when Major requested his to say “Vista Emulator” or “Halo 3 Beta” they wouldn’t go for it. Still, nice try Major. You can check out his custom controller after the jump.

Major Nelson Controller

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Better pics, and more of them?

this is kinda boring, IMO… material for Playfeed, but not GL.
what happened to the old GL that had a few stories a day? :(

benplaut, sure it’s not the biggest story of the year but still interesting wink.

And “new” GL has way more, quality, stories than old GL. You do have to keep in mind that there are slower days for news and such too. Without those kinds of days we might miss out on things like the head kinfe-block (which I love!).

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