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Monday May 22, 2006 9:25 pm

Macy’s To Bring In iPod Vending Machines

Macy's iPod Vending Machine

In an effort to keep up with the swankiest of swanks, Macy’s has entered into an agreement with Zoom Systems, makers of iPod vending machines. The Macy’s machines will be called Zoom @ Macy’s, and is an attempt to provide consumers with the ultimate in impulse buys. Luckily, these things accept credit cards, because we have more important things to spend the $299 USD (plus tax) in quarters that we carry around on. You can expect about 180 of the Zoom @ Macy’s iPod vending machines to be in stores by fall.

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Forum Discussion

ladyviper, just think about that time you were moaning for a twix, you found your 75 cents after looking under every nook and crevice of the machine and put your money in, you click A3 and press enter. you hear it vending and guess what.. ITS STUCK. thats why plus its a stupid idea it could be broken into hacked etc. or just break and people would get free ipods and the company would lose money.

Sounds like a crazy idea to me, and I agree that lots could go wrong. I just don't see the point. You can go buy one at the counter!

this sounds ridiculous

Well this is a bizarre idea indeed...I wouldn't really trust a vending machine, but then again, it has to be tried first...

ohman that would so make me laugh if someone bought an I-pod and it got stuck or whatever...:)

In Japan you can buy all kinds of crazy things from a vending machine. I like to shop around for a deal though. I mean, you can make a fast purchase at a vending machine, but if I'm that impatient I'll just order one online, you know?

I really imagine that these iPod vending machines are a little more technologically advanced than the old twix vending machines in cafeterias. Plenty of precautions against that and theft, I bet you.

Sister brings a good pointer "you can make a fast purchase." The idea of the vending machines, is for someone to look at it, decide he wants one, and buy it right away; that way, you're not thinking about it, and it's more of impulsive buy.

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