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Monday May 1, 2006 5:23 pm

Frustrated MacBook Pro Owners Declare May 20th “End The Whine Day”

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Apple, PC / Laptop

MacBook Pro

Apple loyalists are passionate, devoted people. When Apple makes a great product, their fan base support shines in a way that rarely happens for any other company. However, when Apple messes up, their buyers are just as passionate about making sure the company steps up to the plate to fix the issues. The latest problem to arise the whining MacBook Pro. Yeah, despite Apple’s lame attempts to cover up the problem simply by stating that the decibel level of the noise is “within spec,” a smart consumer can tell otherwise. Hell, we are on our third MacBook Pro here at Gear Live because of the problem. On May 20, MacBook Pro owners plan to unite, declaring that the official “End The Whine” campaign is in full effect. Buyers plan on calling Apple support to let them know what they think of the whine, with the goal being that if thousands upon thousands call on that one day, Apple will be forced to deal with the issue.

On May 20th, everyone with a MacBook Pro that has whining and heat issues should call Apple Support and tell them about it. If thousands of affected MBP owners call on the same day on the same topic, Apple will be forced to address the issue (not to mention the press such an effort will get!). There is safety - and problem solving - in numbers. A unified group of concerned MBP owners will get the attention of those in charge.

Yeah - we are so there.

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