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Tuesday January 18, 2005 1:26 pm

Mac Mini Goes Portable

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Apple Mac MiniWhy bother integrating an iPod in your car when you can get the whole computer? Although in-car computers are nothing new, the Apple Mac Mini brings a new face to the concept. Classic Restorations wants to put a Mini in your dashboard. By integrating the Mac into the car’s system, you can have countless cool features available to you on the go. By adding Wi-Fi, your car can now access the internet from hotspots. By adding a GPS module, you can plot directions to your driving location. You can even play 40 gigs worth of music from iTunes, if that’s what you want. The Mac Mini is just about the right dimensions to fit into the dash where most CD player head units typically go, so it isn’t inconcievable that with a little stretchwork a professional looking install would work. The CD drive could be used as your car’s main stereo, powering the speakers. The possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to see a finished result.

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Haha.. It would be awesome to have this in my car.  Wouldn’t be able to play any demanding games given the specs.. But hey, finding a hot-spot and surfing the web through my car wouldn’t be that bad.

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