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Monday February 6, 2006 11:13 pm

Mac mini NOC - Ghetto Style

Mac mini NOC

For those of us on a Mac Mini computing budget with Xserve level taste, if you want to make your own Network Operations Center at a fraction of the cost, you should check out the how-to guide on MetaSkills. Ken does a great job detailing the steps he took to create his own homebrew ghetto-style version of a NOC for his home computing pleasure.  Beware though, this guide does get into a little bit of high-level network admin stuff, so it’s not for the uninitiated.  If you want to set up a killer little rig at home, and on a budget, this is a great read.

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LOL! Da funniest shiat ever! Never thought it would be possible.

“I manage one such NOC and I wanted my home network to function like most companies who do serious business online.”

Dont these “serious business” companies use fiber gigabit networks, iSCSI, NAS scsi fiber optic setups?
Hell, I even use 2 15k drives on my media server at home.

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