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Tuesday April 29, 2014 5:57 pm

LEGO Fairground Mixer 10244 brings the magic of the carnival home

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Design, Toys

LEGO Fairground mixer

LEGO has announced one of its most impressive Creator sets yet in the Fairground Mixer 10244. Focused on recapturing the magic of the traveling carnival, where kids would ride on rickety, precarious contraptions while other would walk around carrying stuffed prized, popcorn, and cotton candy, the set succeeds in its goal.

LEGO unveiled the set this past weekend at the Sydney Brickshow in Sydney, Australia, bringing with it the nostalgia of days gone past. If you were around during the traveling carnival heyday, you know that it all begins with the trucks. That's how all those rides get moved from town to town, and that's how the LEGO Fairground Mixer 10244 operates as well. The entire set of attractions (and characters!) neatly tucks away into the LEGO trucks. Here's a look at what's in the set:

This first, smaller truck holds three LEGO Fairgound Mixer attractions. You get the ticket booth:

lego fairground mixer 10244 ticket booth

The working dunk tank:

lego fairground mixer dunk tank

And the hammer and bell test your strength booth:

lego fairground mixer test of strength

Moving on to the larger truck, this one holds the Mixer and fence structure:

lego fairground mixer truck

Remove the back of the truck, and take out the fence, and you're ready for the next step:

lego fairground mixer set

Flip out the seats, put up and connect the gates, and join them with the trash can, and you're all set to play. The Fairground Mixer is actually operational with manual hand crank, or a motor!

lego fairground mixer 10244 creator set

Gallery: LEGO Fairground Mixer 10244 brings the magic of the carnival home

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