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Tuesday April 3, 2007 3:36 pm

KITT Goes On The Market

The Hoff and KITT

KITT, from the series Knight Rider, is up for sale. Now located in a Dublin, California car dealership, the black muscle car has been showing for about a month. Owner Tim Russo of Livermore put the 1982 Trans Am on the market to see if there is any interest in it. It’s one of four that was used in the series for close-ups and scenes with The Hoff behind the wheel.

Don’t expect KITT (short for Knight Industries Two Thousand,) to hit speeds of 300 mph. For that matter, most of its buttons don’t work and the voice of William Daniels will not speak up to get you out of a parking ticket. It isn’t even street legal in some places because of certain modifications and lack of smog equipment . The relic has a price tag of $149,995.00. That’s a lot of muscle for something that was only a stand-in.

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