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Wednesday June 30, 2004 10:19 am

Jakks Brings Back Old School Favorites

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Video Games

Jakks TV GamesRemember the simple days of gaming? Back when it wasn't all about graphics and sound, but rather about...making fun of the cheesy graphics and sound? I digress. Either way, Jakks Pacific has decided to bring back the favorites of yesteryear in a simple and easy plug and play format. Your old favorites from Namco, Atari, Activision and more come in a joystick pre-loaded with games. Plug the joystick into an RCA input, and it will seem as if you and Ms. Pac-Man were never separated.

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I miss the good ol’ days, with the REAL good games.. nowadays it’s all about killing, prostitutes and corrupt cops.. and NO im’ not pointing any fingers at GTA wink

I actually never checked out this Jakk thing, but yeah made me remember the good ol’ days :(

I actually never checked out this Jakk thing

I wanted one of these, I have a plug in play paddle that has like over 50 games in it. All you do is plug paddle in the back of the tv and put batteries in the paddle and turn it on and off you go. Some of the games are cheesy buy some I like alot of shooting games. I like this one in the article because of the ms. pacman, I have loved this game and pacman also.

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