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Wednesday January 19, 2005 2:13 am

iTunes Hacker Threat

Posted by Oscar M. Cantu Categories: Software

iTunes Virus AttackIf you use Apple iTunes you need to upgrade immediately. There is a security threat that affects iTunes 4.7 and earlier on both OS. Hackers can build malicious playlist files that crash the system then take over the computer by inserting a Trojan code. If you have not upgraded to iTunes 4.7.1 you may do so by opening the “look for updates” window in the program. Users are advised to avoid clicking on or accessing playlist files that have come from unknown sources. This probably one of the fist of many security threats to come this year as iTunes continues to rise in popularity.

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meh. Ill keep my 4.6. 4.7 doesnt allow my plugins to work. Not worried about this cause im not stupid enuff to randomly download someone eles playlist :/

lol.. Im glad I don’t use iTunes, seeing as I dont have an iPod =*(  .  Oh well =D.. Crazy the way people are coding viruses these days.

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