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Tuesday February 28, 2006 7:19 pm

iRex Iliad E-Reader

iRex Iliad

Imagine being able to carry around your entire personal library with you wherever you go.  Instead of stuffing a couple of paperbacks into your briefcase for those long business flights, you would merely grab your iRex Iliad E-Reader and load it up with a few electronic books.  Sure, you can do the same thing with just about any PDA, but products that utilize electronic ink technology (like the Iliad) offer up a couple of unique benefits.  E-Ink (or e-paper) as the technology is commonly referred to, uses very little power, allowing battery powered devices to go for days (if not weeks) between recharges.  The viewing surface also delivers outstanding contrast making text easy to read even in direct sunlight. 

The Iliad can currently make use of PDF, XHTML, MP3, and TXT files with more to be introduced as time progresses.  An 8.1-inch screen with a 1024x768 (160dpi) resolution makes reading easy on the eyes, and a wealth of interfaces (USB type A, CF, 802.11g Wi-Fi, SD/MMC, and 10/100 Ethernet) are available for getting data into the device.  The display is also touch-enabled allowing you to write notes directly on your reading material for later reference.  A 400MHz XScale processor means War and Peace won’t make the Iliad break a sweat, and 64MB RAM and around 224MB of available ROM memory allows the storage of a large quanity of literature.

The Iliad will be available in April for a yet to be determined price.

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