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Saturday February 19, 2005 2:26 am

iPod Mini To Get Color Screen

iPod Mini Color Screen

ThinkSecret has learned that Apple will announce an updated version of its iPod mini. The new Mini will sport a color display and boast a higher capacity hard drive. We had informed you of how the mini could possiblly hold 5 GB of data in its current state; however, the new hard drive will be a Seagate drive instead of the current Hitachi.  ThinkSecret’s sources claim the capacity will be 6GB, however Seagate currently makes a 5 GB 1” drive. According to their source, the current non-photo iPods will also see an update to color screens soon. The word is that you will be able to pick one up in the next week or two with no increase in price.

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Wow that’s nice. Lucky for those just about to get their iPods

I’ll end up with a normal screened one but whatever, I’m selling it anyways smile

I just can’t get excited about this.  I love the Shuffle and still am feeling a bit of love for the real Ipod, but these minis aren’t anything special.  Still HDD based (read skipping).  I’ll wait for a nice 2-3GB Flash player to come out with a decent screen, then I’ll buy one.

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