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Monday May 9, 2005 1:11 pm

iPod Vending Machine

Zoom Shop iPod Vending Machine

Airports sure know how to cater to their visitors, don’t they? It seems that in Atlanta, you have the opportunity to be overcharged for more than just the food. Check out the Zoom Shop vending machine. Instead of your favorite candy treat, you will find batteries, phone cards, and - get this - iPods housed inside the glass case. It seems that iPod mini’s and shuffles are the flavor of the day. Let’s get to work on developing a music-type vending machine with a dockable interface.

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Its on the top level…

Isn’t there a chance of like….breaking?

“Its on the top, but I don’t think it falls down like candy.

That would be pretty dumb…just like your question. “


Well the reason I asked was cause I was looking at it and didn’t SEE an arm or anything….or a bar that goes across that the arm slides on(like any one ive SEEN with an arm

Theres nothing visible that looks like it would bring it down

I hope the machine can handle ipod replacements if its broken or doesnt work…unless the machine wants to deal with my 2 lawyers, Mr. Easton and Mr. Louisville who always win my case 100%.

In the close up theres walls on the side….then it looks too thin on the left side for the arm to go in…...the right half of the machine might be able to go farther right….behind the screen…but on the left one theres no visible place for it to go….maybe up…..and have all the machinery for moving the arm at the top…thats the only place i can think of it hiding

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