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Monday March 27, 2006 10:59 am

iPod Phone Confirmed By BenQ

iPhone MockupRecently there have been rumors that Apple is planning to release an iPod with phone features, some say within the next few months.  Insiders at cell phone maker BenQ say that Apple executives have begun talking to various Taiwanese manufacturers about supplying parts for a new product.  Apple has not commented on the possibility of an iPod with phone features.  Some market analysts believe that if Apple does go through with its plans for an iPod with phone features, that it will have the biggest impact on Motorola, the leading cell phone maker in the United States.

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I don’t care for Apple’s industrial design at all personally, but I give them some credit - there’s no way they’d come up with something as butt-ugly as the pics shown here - they might have in the fruity imac days, but now that would just be hilarious.

Then again, they could stand to be laughed out of a consumer electronics market these days.

Anyone remember when apple was a computer maker?

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