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Friday April 12, 2013 1:37 pm

iPhone 5 now available at T-Mobile

T-Mobile iPhone line

This morning, T-Mobile finally started selling the iPhone 5, the first iPhone available from the company since the Apple smartphone debuted almost six years ago. Reports of modest lines at various T-Mobile locations across the country have been coming in, which is a good sign for T-Mobile, which rarely sees lines for new devices. Coupled with the its new Uncarrier plans, customers are able to pick up a new T-Mobile iPhone 5 for $99 up front. Switchers are able to trade in a used iPhone 4 or 4S to get the iPhone 5 for free up front, with a $120 credit being applied to the monthly bill as well.

Are you going to go with T-Mobile as your iPhone carrier of choice?

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iphone 5s release date iphone 5s release date 6/13/13 5:57 am

Apple insiders and analysts estimated that iphone 5s will be the next iphone and could be release in June of this year with some upgraded features.

Apple Iphone 5s Review Apple Iphone 5s Review 1/30/14 7:53 am

i really love this article dude ^^

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