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Tuesday August 7, 2012 2:06 pm

iOS 6 can scale to 1136 x 640, the expected display resolution of the next iPhone

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Apple, Cell Phones, Rumors, Software

iOS 6 extra icon row

We've been covering the rumors of what the next-generation iPhone 5 will look like since the iPhone 4S launched. At this point we're pretty certain that users can expect a redesigned iPhone with a longer display based on leaked hardware components. Today, we also have further proof stemming from the software side of things. 9to5Mac took the latest iOS 6 beta and was able to run it in the iOS Simulator software at 1136 x 640 resolution. The result? iOS 6 automatically added a fifth row of app icons to the home screen.

In fact, 1136 x 640 is the only resolution that supports such scaling. The additional row of icons don't appear at other resolutions, and instead, you have the four row layout just getting stretched to fit the display space. Also, when using iOS 5.1, no extra row of icons appears at any resolution, as you can see in the image above.

Of course, anything can change at any time, but Apple is set to introduce the next iPhone in just over a month with it set to go on sale on September 21. That's six weeks away, and that means that Apple is finalizing its developer tools for the new operating system, so this find is pretty telling.

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