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Monday June 6, 2005 3:50 pm

Intel Expects Notebook Batteries To Last 8 Hours By 2008

Posted by Jesse Easley Categories: PC / Laptop

Intel 8 Hour Batteries It looks like we’re finally getting closer to notebooks actually lasting a full 8 hours, something which seemed to be impossible just a few years ago.  One of the huge supporters of this - aside from everyone in the world - is Intel, who recently bumped up the deadline for notebook makers by 2 years. Intel has an expectation of what they want notebooks to be by 2008. That would be thin, light, and long lasting.  Lately, most notebook makers have been focusing on the size rather than the battery life, which is at a standard 4 hours right now.

“The spec says this, but it depends on some degree on usage,” said Roger Kay, an analyst at IDC. “Batteries also don’t have that life for long. They might have four hours at the beginning of the year, but if you start doing more multimedia, it might go down to 2.5 hours by the end of the year.”

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