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Friday February 17, 2006 1:40 am

An Insiders Look at Producing The Olympics In HD from Torino

Posted by Frank Bisono Categories: Home Entertainment

Torino Olympics HD

If you have ever seen a high definition signal, then we don’t have to tell you how absolutely gorgeous the picture looks.  Some of the best looking images we have seen to date are coming out of the Olympics in Torino as we speak.  In order to accomplish this, it takes a tremendous amount of technology, resources, and - you guesseed it - gear.  An NBC Broadcast Engineer has been splendid enough to blog about his job and the details about what makes all this stuff work.  The blog is a great read and something any video geek is sure to enjoy. 

I can assure you that the HD feed coming out of Torino looks perfect. The US distribution system is complicated and picture quality will vary depending on your source. Digital Cable, OTA, DirecTV ect. all have complex systems that add layers of encode/decode processes. The production on this end is uncompressed at 1.5 Gbps, and by the time it gets to your home it will be between about 5-15 Mbps!!!

For the complete breakdown and additional images, make sure to check out this killer blog.


Well that didn’t take long.  Looks like the blog is no longer active.  Way to lay the smack-down on free speech NBC.  Sheeesh.  We would have thought this was a GOOD thing to boast about, but apparently we were wrong and the NBC lawyers, in their infinite wisdom, thought otherwise.  Way to go NBC legal.

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