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Friday February 17, 2006 6:43 pm

iChair - Allowing You and Your iPod to Get Cozy

iChairiPod this…iPod that.  Every time you turn around it seems as though another iPod accessory has come out.  Many are merely variations on a theme (seriously, how many different iPod docks are there?), but every now and then there’s something slightly different (heavy emphasis on slightly).  A quick search on the web turns up more than one iChair, with none of them being the same thing.  It almost makes you wonder why there isn’t some kind of copyright litigation going on, but I digress.  The iChair from Pottery Barn Teen has a micro-suede finish, a pocket to hold your beloved iPod, and a volume control built right in.  Speakers located on both sides of the chair’s headrest, plus a subwoofer (if you can call a 3-inch speaker a subwoofer) directly below your posterior envelop you with a “surround sound effect” - their words, not ours. All yours for $399.

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