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Friday April 7, 2006 10:45 pm

iAlertU: The Car Alarm For Your Mac

Posted by Jared Hislop Categories: Apple, Design, Software

The iAlertU is like a car alarm, but for your MacBook Pro. The product uses an IR remote, special software for your Mac and the MacBook Pro’s built-in motion sensor.  Basically, you arm your MacBook by pressing a button on the remote, and the computer chirps twice to notify you the alarm is armed.  If a would be thief comes along and attempts to tamper with - or take - your MacBook, the alarm goes off.  Not only is the alarm pretty loud, the screen flashes too!  The alarm can’t be disabled without a special pass code or the IR remote (or, perhaps, turning the Mac off?).  While there is currently no pricing set, you can check out a video of the product in action above.

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Dude, that’s pretty sweet!

I wonder if it acts as a reverse cutoff switch, disabling the thief’s ability to shut down the computer to turn off the alarm?

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