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Wednesday February 22, 2012 4:32 pm

Hub Innovations Couture iPhone 4S case review

iPhone 4 couture case review

We recently got a chance to check out the Hub Innovations Couture Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. What sets this case apart from just about anything else out there is that it's decked out in Swarovski crystals, and in turn, definitely makes you stand out when you've got your iPhone in-hand or against your ear. We tried out the Punx Not Dead model in hot pink, but the cases are also available in black and white, with different crystal designs on each.

The pink Punx Not Dead Couture case was a super-girly attention-getter, and started more conversations than any accessory, hair, or makeup I've ever had.  I loved the bright pink color and the big heart and crown on the case. Visually, the pink, Swarovski crystal-encrusted Hub Innovations Couture case that wrapped my white iPhone 4S looked fantastic.

Unfortunately, all of the bling made the case feel pretty heavy, and by looking at it, we're sure you can tell that it was extremely hard (read: uncomfortable) to put in a pocket.  I also felt concerned about putting the case in my purse because I thought that some of the decorative pieces might fall off inside my bag or get caught on something.  In fact, after just a few days, the first few items came off of the case. I left the Couture case on my phone for over 2 weeks, certainly nowhere near the length of time that you'd think a case would start falling apart.

Hub Innovations Couture iPhone 4s case review

We think this case is more like a super-cute-yet-highly-uncomfortable pair of sexy heels--with the shoes, you put them on for an occasion in which you will not do a lot walking but want to look great sitting down, and with the Couture case, you need to look at it as just as an accessory to outfit your iPhoner for a special event and not an everyday protectant for your phone.  It's definitely a fashion accessory, but just don't use it as a day-to-day case. After two weeks some of the larger items came off of the case, including the cute large heart, and the finish was worn off of some of the silver items. You can purchase the Couture iPhone case from Hub Innovations.

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