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Tuesday November 23, 2010 10:00 pm

Do More With Less: We’re giving away an HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 smartphone!

HTC HD7 windows phone 7 giveaway

We're giving away an HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 device to one of you guys here in our "Doing More with Less" giveaway! Not too familiar with WP7? Be sure to check out our Windows Phone 7 review, and read on for the details on how to enter.

Over the past three years, we've seen smartphones shrink in size while gaining a ton of functionality. In fact, it's hard to imagine ever using the bulky QWERTY sliders that were just about as thick as the original Game Boy. With the iPhone, Android devices, thinner BlackBerrys, and now WIndows Phone 7 devices jumping into the fray, we've truly got a situation where we are able to do way more than we'd ever dreamed we could do with a mobile phone, in a device that is so small that it comfortably fits in our pocket while the manufacturers tout how thin they are. Speaking of doing more with less, did you know that the smartphone in your pocket has more technology in it than the first rocket that went to outer space?

Now we want to hear from you--hit the comments and give us some examples where you can do more with less. It can be technology-related, or not. We will be picking a random winner based on the comments received. Here are the official rules:

  • How to enter: Just leave a comment on this article, focusing on "Doing More with Less". You can leave one comment per day until the giveaway’s close. Each comment must be substantially different than the previous.
  • Timeframe: The contest ends on November 29th, 2010. At this time comments will be closed on this post and a winner chosen with Random.org.
  • Eligibility: The contest is open to US residents only who are at least 18 years old at the time of entry.
  • Prize: The one winner will receive the HTC HD7, a T-Mobile Windows Phone 7 device that's an approximate retail value of $500.

This giveaway is brought to you by the new Windows Phone 7. Learn more about Windows Phone online and see it in person at local T-Mobile stores today.

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Thanks Andru for keeping the rule simple, finally i can participate in some of your giveaway smile.

There are lot of things these days which we never thought decade ago. My first example would be Search engine where you can more with less effort.  These days search engine has become the integral part of internet and people can find whatever they want in just a fraction of seconds.

I can do more with HD7.
1) Flight check in
2) Check and response to Email, social networking sites Facebook, twitter etc.
3) Check my bank account balance before making any transaction, transfer money to another bank account
4) Web surfing, watching videos / photos etc.
5) Don’t need to carry so many store cards like kroger / kings sooper, ACE. Just scan and put in your mobile and use the scan copy in place of scanning your store membership card.
6) bluetooth connectivity has brought so many facility to us.
7) Another big advantages of today’s smart phones are maps. Now you don’t need to carry another device (GPS) for map.
8) Nowadays Smart phone comes with good camera and video recorder. So you don’t need to carry camera and handycam all the times until if you are not professional photographer. So if you want to capture any moment and doesn’t have your camera with you . no worries.. if you have smart phone with you.
9) Nowadays with your mobile you can also connect to your home pc / office pc via remote login. If you have something in your pc and you want to see and you are not close to your PC.
10) There are lot of application for smartphone which you can use to make your phone as spy camera / tool or tracking your kid.
Bottom line is there is no limit which you can use smart phone these days. You just need to keep your eye and mind open.

Having my entire music library in the palm of my hand. I could never go back to physical media.

Music is life

with Windows 7 phone you can setup multiple exchange account and checks your personal and business mail together. This shows ‘Doing More with Less’.

I’m probably late to the party with this one, but I’m doing all my Christmas shopping online this year. Have you seen the crazy moms out there on Christmas Eve? It ain’t safe out there man.

These days smart phone comes with lot of storage too. you can store most of your favorite songs / family videos etc. Doing more with less.

I like it ... thanks

Another example of doing more with less can be you don’t have to carry ereader, zune or pda separately as all this comes in one phone windows 7 phone. So having all functionality
of this tech gadgets in one phone.. clerily states that doing more with less.

Doing more with less - I’ve re-discovered my love of nature and the outdoors, so I’m doing more with my life by doing LESS with technology. I’ve found that I appreciate my time geeking out more, because I do it more deliberately, and that I love the time I spend outdoors on my own two feet making do with only what I can carry / pack with me. Double benefit!

With windows 7 phone you can do more with less by storing your meeting presentation on your phone and play it by plugging into projectors / computer or can connect wireless. I can really help to avoid having pain to carry laptop all the time. Its so in-convenient. but Carrying windows 7 phone will make life preety much easier.

There is one application for windows phone. by which you can control all your wireless device with your mobile. like your home theater, TV etc. Doing more with less..

With Auto-mate windows 7 phone application. I can track fuel status, service status, miles/week, miles / day, schedule service date, car details etc. Doing more with less.

do more with less….......down size ....not because you can still have it all with the windows 7 phone,

I like adobe photoshop very much. With new version of CS5 photoshop you can really do wonder on photos. I looked some of sneak peak of Adobe CS5 photoshop and its quite amazing. Definitely doing a lot more with less effort.

I do more with less by checking my email, twitter, browsing / surfing, chatting on phone.

I guess i am very late to join the race but its better to be late than never..
Before cooking anything i put items/ vegetable under warm water or outside for a while. I save energy on cooking, so I do more with less energy.

I use windows 7 automate backup software on my pc which runs weekly and take backup of amy pc automatically so I don’t need to take it manually. Doing more with less.

Another example of doing more with less is Google Voice.. How can I forget that. It allows me to be interdependent of carrier and carry same number all the time. Some of its feautre like ringing all phones (home, office, cell), voicemail transcript, SMS etc shows that you can do lot more with less.

You can do more with less by using computer. These day computer comes with powerful processor, graphics card , Good RAM , large hard drive etc. You can do multitasking like playing high-def game, edit high-def video/photos, watching movies without any problem. Doing more with less

I checkout books from the local library instead of buying them. Great way to spend less money.

I use 3 different browser on my personal laptop and office pc. I use xmarks bookmarks sync application to sync them all. Doing more with less otherwise it would be really mess to sync them all manually.

I do more with less by using GPS enabled mobile for map. So save on GPS device.

I have also installed linux on my machine in 2nd partition. I use all open source software for photo editing, video editing, open office as MS word replacement and do more with less by saving big bucks on all these software.

I try to only wash full loads of clothes. Saves energy and you use less dryer sheets.

I do more with less by using some autohotkey scripts & keyboard shortcuts in my computer which make my life easier and provide some useful tools on the go.

I use 2 different computer on given day my and office pc. I do more with less by using dropbox and skydrive to sync my files at both computer. Which really help me to pickup always latest document from any pc and start working immediately on it.

I do more with less by using Google account. I can use one Google account on many service like email, google checkout, Google voice, search, picassa, maps , youtube etc. I would specially mention that Google’s email service is one of best which provide lots of features which used to come with paid email service or corporate mail service.

If I need to carry lot of data, I used to carry portable hard drive. Now I can avoid it by just carrying HTC HD7 windows 7 by. I can increase the storage of windows 7 phone by using SD memory card. So I can have more spaces for my favorite videos, documents,photos and can carry all these with me etc. Doing more with less.

Now smart phone comes with computer power. I should be able to do everything with windows 7 phone what I used to do with PC , except few works like editing high-def videos, playing HD movie. I can achieve more with less by organizing my all work with windows 7 phone organizer / calendar and will be on top of every work.

I can store my all favorite songs stored on HTC HD 7 windows 7 phone. Now i don’t need to carry another additional device (mp3 player) for just song. I can do more with less by achieving mp3 player on HTC HD 7 windows 7 phone.

I can do more with less by help of HTC HD 7 Windows 7 phone by browsing, chatting, email, game. It will also replace my 2 year old mp3 player. I can do more with less with help of install web apps which will help my daily work routine like reminder, remote control.

I achieve ‘do more with less’ by using my mobile phone as GPS device. In stead of purchasing GPS i went for a mobile which has inbuilt GPS chip. It saved me cost of GPS and help me call and navigate through one device.. Doing more with less

I do more with less in form of syncing my windows phone with PC and take all backup of my contacts, message. So in case if i loose my mobile i can still recover my contacts and messages.

I do more with less by enabling God Mode on control panel under windows 7 Operating system. It allow me to put almost every setting in the control panel at just a click away through a folder option on windows explorer. It also allows me to recreate / move Recycle bin, libraries in some different place.

I do more with less by using scottevest jacket. My jacket has 24 pockets and it is designed to carry laptop weight also. I use this jacket whenever i go on any trip or AirTravel. It allows me to carry all my gadgets in my jacket. I carry Wallet, Phone, Camera, Batteries, Charger, Cell phone, Sunglasses, iPad.

I have created wireless home network at my home. I do more with less by connecting my all wireless device with home network. I have connected my laptop, Blu-Ray player, Samsung TV, Wireless printer, Wirless home theater together. Connecting all these device provide me so convenience and avoid clutters of wires.

I do more with less by attending video tutuorial aviliable on youtube. If I don’t understand any subject on class I look on youtube to see if any video class / tutorail aviliable for that subject. Most of the time I found big university’s lecture like Standford, Howard,IIT etc. It help me to get more depth knowledge of topic.

I do more with less by using eclipse java tools. I am a programmer and there are lot chances we do syntax error. Eclipse tool provides us the ability to check in all syntax error automatically keeping our effort minimum for syntax error checking. It also provide some standard coding by default. All these features help us to save lot of time.

I do more with less by using RSS reader to check my favorite sites update /blogs

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