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Friday January 14, 2005 6:34 am

HP Lightscribe Burns Labels On Disks

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HP LightScribeHow many times have you printed a label for a freshly burned disc and screwed it up? Those labels are tough to stick on. With HP’s LightScribe discs and software, you will never have to print a label again. Using the laser in your drive, the software will etch a design of your choosing into the disc. All you have to do is flip the disc, run the software, and choose your image. Everytime, you will get a perfect image on your disk.

A few examples of things you can print on the disc:

  • A list of track titles and lengths for a music CD    
  • A digital picture of the DVD or concert on the disc    
  • Images created in PhotoShop    
  • Professional looking labels for disks you give to clients

This technology is sure to change the way users burn discs. Now, if only they could figure out how to make labels for dual layer discs…

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This is awesone

Wow, this is awesome! No more crappy paper labels. I didn’t use those anyways, but now, there won’t be generic looking media discs everywhere!

This could be something cool, depending on the price. I just looked on hp.com for the price of the Lightscribe discs, and they go for 8.99 for a 5pk. Sort of expensive in my book. If there is premium pricing or the burner, that won’t be such a big deal, but if there is premium pricing for the media(which is what you end up spending more money on in the long term), that could cause a problem. Why would I spend nearly 10 dollars for 5 discs when I can get 100 regular discs for 20? The special labeling isn’t that important. If they want this technology to catch on, they are going to need to find a better price point. I love the technology, but I hate the pricing.

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