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Monday February 7, 2005 4:21 pm

HP Develops Technology to Replace Transistor

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Transistor ArrayResearchers at Hewlett-Packard have invented a new type of microcomputing technology known as the crossbar latch that could potentially replace the transistor used in computers today. Transistors, which are the basic element of computing, have reached the limit on size that can be fit on a single chip. This new crossbar latch would be mere nanometers in size. If computers are going to get any smaller while still getting faster, new ways such as this need to be found. These new relays could potentially allow computers to be thousands of times faster than today’s computers. “This could someday replace transistors in computers, just as transistors replaced vacuum tubes and vacuum tubes replaced electromagnetic relays before them.” As a student studying Electrical Engineering, it kinda makes me wonder why I’m still taking all these Analog Electronics classes! Luckily, HP says that transistors will still be used for decades to come in silicon embedded chips.

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Gosh, it’s amazing how tiny gadgets are becoming these days.. They’re going to become too small at some point! Imagine losing a 2000 dollar gadget the same way you would a contact lens. Yikes!

I’m ready for this stuff to hit the shelves, lol.

it’ll be 50 years until these go into mass production because the general population couldn’t afford them.  I say bring them on I could use a laptop the size of my thumb. :D

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