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Tuesday March 1, 2005 12:25 pm

How the Lotus Elise Works

Posted by Hector Martinez Categories: Misc. Tech

The Lotus EliseI don’t pretend to know much about cars, even though I do own one.  That’s why I find articles that help explain their complexities so invaluable.  Case in point is How Stuff Work’s overview of the Lotus Elise, which has been available in Europe for some time, but is about to enter the US market with its 2005 model.  It comes with a sticker price of $40,000…which is actually a lot cheaper than most supercar prices.  If you still don’t find yourself drooling at some of the pictures though, then maybe cars aren’t for you.

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Dude, a lotus for 40k? Hellz yeah. I wouldnt mind shelling that out for a supercar!  Even the viper is more expensive at 1/2 the lookz! A beamer costs about the same..sooo…

Never mind, they now use toyota engines. back to the beamer…


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