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Tuesday April 3, 2012 6:12 pm

How to remove dents from your car using dry ice

Dry ice fix dents

There's an urban legend out there that says that you can repair door dings and dents that you find on your car by rubbing dry ice over the dent and then heating it with a hair dryer or heat gun.Sure, it sounds a little silly, but as it turns out, it works!

Roaming the various threads and comments on VW Vortex, we came across a creative tutorial showing how the process works in removing and smoothing out dents. Hit the link to see how it’s done, thanks to the thread found on VWVortex.

You’ll need a few things, about 2 pounds of dry ice, a heat gun or hair drier, and some gloves since the dry ice is cold.

The dent:



The first thing you want to do is, wearing the glove, is rub the dry ice over the dent, until the metal reaches the temperature of the dry ice.


When the metal reached the dry ice temperature, heat the dent up with your heating apparatus of choice. However, be careful so to not to heat the metal above 195 degrees as this can and most likely will damage the paint.

The last step is to repeat the first two steps again. However, you may continue doing this until you reach a level of results you were seeking.


If you’re wondering how this process works, according to the thread, the cold-heat routine shrinks and expands the metal, which eventually works its way out of the dent. The trick also works on aluminum if you’re wondering.

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portland auto body repair portland auto body repair 7/20/13 11:33 am

That is a very unique dents removing technique using ice i thought that only machines could do that but you proved me wrong smile

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Platehunter Platehunter 7/25/13 12:21 am

That’s really awesome. I mean, fixing a dent could cost you some. But does it stay that way after the metal heats up again when you remove the dry ice?

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Dennis Bailey Dennis Bailey 8/1/13 9:07 am

A cool trick I must say. A formula of physics has been applied here. Keep going with your good works.

amazing dent removal amazing dent removal 11/28/13 1:44 am

Wow! that is an amazing technique in dent repair. i will try it with mine. Hope I do it right for it to work.

wahyu kurniawan wahyu kurniawan 11/28/13 4:51 am

wow, how do you can of think creatively that ? matter what’s on the dry ice so that it can be resolved dent guys?

auto repair philippines auto repair philippines 4/8/14 2:40 am

HAHAHA! that is one awesome trick that I’ve got to try. Never knew dry ice could take out dents… That’s news to me! Hoping to see more of your awesome repair tricks (if any)

Lidianne Seo Lidianne Seo 4/8/14 2:44 am

Woah! haha I gotta try this out. This dry ice trick is just totally wicked. can’t wait to try this out on my friends cars lol
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Killmon Tires Killmon Tires 4/23/14 12:41 am

Thanks for sharing! It will save a lot for those people do not go in car repair shop. You can do it by yourself.

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