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Tuesday January 14, 2014 5:24 pm

Helmet Dawg HD100 motorocycle helmet gives you the Batman look

Helmet Dawg HD100 batman

Look, we realize that some people prefer not to wear motorcycle helmets because they'd rather not look like a doofus (although, that has the opposite effect!), but now you can cruise in style with the Dark Motorcycle Helmet from Helmet Dawg. I mean, look at it. You basically look like Batman, riding through your city in style as children stare in awe at the sight of The Dark Knight passing them by. Comfort features are built in, what with removable liners, multiple adjustable vents, and interchangeable clear and tinted visors. If that's not cool enough, the two points are even flexible as well, so you can manage just how menacing you want to look to the evil-doers around you. You can pick up the Helmet Dawg HD100 helmet now for $325. Having a woman in a cat suit riding with you is completely optional.

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helmethelp.com helmethelp.com 3/24/14 5:38 pm

That is an awesome idea. You’d really stand out wearing that

Motorcycle Gear Australia Motorcycle Gear Australia 6/11/14 8:53 am

Really impressive helmet. I’m a batman fan myself and has watched the dark knight series. I’m definitely gonna buy the dawg hd100 helmet.

BikerGearLab.com BikerGearLab.com 6/14/14 12:52 am

I cannot find this helmet sold on Amazon or Ebay, where to get this awesome helmet ? Is it DOT approved ?

motofoto.es motofoto.es 7/20/14 8:44 pm

Batman Helmet?? Batman Bike => <a href=“http://www.motofoto.es”>www.motofoto.es</a>

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