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Wednesday February 9, 2005 1:11 pm

Hasbro To Bring Back Furby

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DescriptionIn a move that is sure to excite the masses, Hasbro has announced that they will be debuting a new and improved Furby line this fall (finally!). If you don’t remember what that is, let me school you for a moment. The original Furby debuted in 1998 and instantly became a fad

national phenomenon. Stores had trouble keeping up with the demand for the furry stuffed animal that spoke its own language, and it was banned from the Pentagon because it was said that Furby could learn. The new Furby is said to be bigger than the original, and have an even greater vocabulary than the first.

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these things really do scare me. don’t bring one near me unless you want it to fly via louisville slugger.

this reminded me of that movie called Gremlins i believe. Really scared me when i was small. lol dont see whats so great about it :/

Ditto—this thing also reminded me of Gremlins. And didn’t Rosie O’Donnell first introduce these things?  confused ANything she supports is just.. weird, for lack of NICER terms. Hehe

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