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Thursday August 3, 2006 6:57 pm

Groovy Banana: Chair, Books, and a Relaxed Attitude

Posted by Dave White Categories: Home Entertainment, Smart Home

Lie back and enjoy a good readWant to hunker down for a good read without having to get up every so often to get something else to peruse? A design company called Umamy has you covered.

The name of this super-comfortable couch is the Groovy Banana. We’re guessing that it’s named that because of it’s look. We’re also guessing that we’d be very comfortable rocking back and forth in its rubbery depths. Notice the “shelves” underneath, on which you can store your books, magazines, even an e-reader or laptop.

You certainly would not want to do tricks on this baby. For one thing, your books would go flying. For another, you might not be able to get back up if the Groovy Banana landed on you. Better not to monkey around.

Wondering about price? So are we ...

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