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Tuesday January 18, 2005 1:46 pm

Gracenote: Now Your Music Listens To You

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Your Music Listens to YouI can see the situation now: You’re just turning onto the on-ramp of the interstate, and you’ve got to be somewhere fast, but the other cars won’t get out of your way. What can you do? Ask your car to play “Ludacris - Move”, of course. A software and online-music company, Gracenote, is working on voice recognition software that would allow you to ask for a song and have your car’s stereo play it from its hard drive. Rather than having to sift through thousands of possible songs, you would simply ask for your favorites. If you don’t like the song that is playing, command it to play the next one. If you want to listen to everything by Coldplay, just ask. Your wish it its command. This technology, in conjunction with an in-dash computer, would allow drivers to have complete access to their files without ever taking their hands off ten-and-two. Luckily, this technology doesn’t yet extend to your car’s steering as well, or you might have a problem when asking your car to play Van Halen’s “Right Now.”

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This is going to be great, but I can almost see how much its going to cots. It reminds me of an iRobot sort of vehicle.

Thats pretty cool. I know what im getting when i get my car soon :D

Wow… pretty neat stuff there.  I would definately get it if I could actually afford it =/  It would be quite a conversation starter in the car though =D

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