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Thursday February 24, 2005 7:37 am

Google & Movies: A Great Match

Posted by Oscar M. Cantu Categories: Internet, Movies

GoogleSometimes I have a hard time remembering what movie a certain quote came from and when I try asking friends for some strange reason, they seem to experience the same memory lock as I do at the moment. Now thanks to Google I won’t have to fret over not remembering the movie where follow the white rabbit comes from.  Check out the full review after the jump.

Google has added a new operator to their arsenal, movie:. By using this operator everyone can now search for movie titles, reviews, and show times right on Google. Best of all, you don’t need to know the actual title of the movie – simply search for it by typing movie: followed by the actor appearing in the movie, director, genre, famous movie lines, or by plot details. Although, it’s a great concept, I found that not all movies work. For instance, searching for movie: yay I’m a llama again does not produce any results (should have been The Emperor’s New Groove). The lack of results may be due to popularity or lack of sufficient details - however, most movies do seem to work properly.

There are many great tasks that may be accomplished using this new operator, such as getting recommendations for movies to watch on those boring lonely nights when there is nothing on the television. Simply search movie: followed by the type of movie you are in the mood for such as movie: murder thriller or perhaps something on the lines of movie: romantic comedy is more of your kind of flick.

What if you want to go to a local movie theater and don’t know what movies are showing or what time? Better yet, what if you don’t even know what movie theaters are in the area? Google comes to the rescue once again. Simply search using movie: followed by a U.S. zip code or city/state to find theaters in that area along with the show times. What sets Google apart from other services in this area is that once you get the results for theaters around your area (ex:movie:78501) you may click on a specific movie title and obtain the show times for all theaters in your area or you may read all the reviews on that certain movie instead.

Now if you are like me, then most of the time that you get in the mood to go watch a movie you are no where near a computer with internet access. Google has your hook up here as well. By sending a text message to 46645 (GOOGL on most handsets) in the form of movie title followed by U.S. zip code or city state (ex: constantine 78501), you will now obtain all the show times for that movie in your area. Now if only finding a date was this easy.

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