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Wednesday March 8, 2006 4:13 pm

Global Pet Finder

Posted by John Goulden Categories: GPS, Misc. Tech

Global Pet FinderDoes your dog or teenager

other pet constantly run away from home?  Rather than keeping them permanently under lock and key, outfit them with the Global Pet Finder.  The Pet Finder is a GPS device that attachs to your pet’s collar for tracking purposes.  Although its described as the “Pet” Finder, the size of the unit seemingly dictates that the pet is either a medium-size or larger dog, or a mammoth cat.  The device works in conjunction with the company’s website for initial setup, and your computer, mobile phone or PDA for updates on your pet’s location.  Simply set a geographical boundary for your pet, and any time it crosses this imaginary line, the GPS will alert you as to your pet’s current location.

Ever mindful of your pet’s well being, the Global Pet Finder can also alert you to temperate conditions that are harmful for it.  With its ability to track your pet wherever it may roam, the Global Pet Finder will help you keep tabs on your potentially wayward critter.  Priced at $349.99 USD with a recurring monthly charge of $17.99 to $19.98 USD.

Read More | Global Pet Finder via Gizmodo

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