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Thursday June 9, 2005 2:05 am

Gear Live Podcast: Macrovision’s Robert Ellison, Director of Product Management

Macrovision Robert Ellison InterviewMacrovision is in the business of helping content creators keep their works safe from being pirated, providing enterprise level DRM solutions. They recently did a survey on video game piracy, and found that up to 40% of gamers have pirated a game at least once. They have a few very interesting ideas going forward to protect content, such as inserting what are essentially little bugs into games that will self-recognize they have been pirated, changing the game mechanic altogether. We chat with Robert about this and more. Click here to download the MP3, or you can just subscribe to the Gear Live Podcast feed.

Voices: Andru Edwards, Jesse Easley, Robert Ellison - Macrovision Director of Product Management
Length: 9:24, 8.6 MB

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“They have a few very interesting ideas”

Nothing that cant be cracked, Im sure.

All I have to say is that “pirating” has only made me buy more games.

I never would have bought HL2.  Then I got my hands on CSS Beta, and bought the game a week after it came out.  “Of course playing the cracked version until I recieved my copy in the mail”

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