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Tuesday May 3, 2005 6:37 pm

Gear Live Playlist: Nine Inch Nails With Teeth, British Sea Power Open Season Reviews

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Features, Music, Product Reviews

Gear Live Playlist This time in Playlist we have a release from the kings of industrial music, Nine Inch Nails.  Also we have a release from British rockers with a nautical name, British Sea Power release their sophomore effort.  So read on if industrial music or nautical rock tickles your fancy.


British Sea Power Open Season ReviewAfter their critically acclaimed debut, “The Decline Of British Sea Power”, British Sea Power seemed to be separating themselves from the pack of recent British exports.  With this, their second disc, the pack seems to have caught up.  “Open Season” is an ambitious disc that just seems to run out of momentum in parts.  With complex instrumentation, and amazing use of ambient sounds, the palette is definitely available for this to be a breathtaking release.  But too often songs end up getting caught up in their own hazy, lazy feel.  There are definitely very bright spots on “Open Season”.  “Please Stand Up” is loaded with catchy hooks and great guitar work.  “North Hanging Rock” harnesses the hazy feel for a laid back, incredible track.  The future is incredibly bright for these guys, already showing that they can do more than just simply play their instruments and repeat hook after hook.  What is sometimes maddening on “Open Season” is that they are steps from greatness, but just can’t grasp it.  British Sea Power has already proven they lust for more musically than the average band, and hopefully next time they can grasp the full ability of their potential and release a classic.  Overall, a 7/10. 


Nine Inch Nails Open Season ReviewIs there anyone more hurt and pissed off than Trent Reznor?  Does the sun ever shine in Reznorland?  If not, I hope it stays that way because something is working for Nine Inch Nails.  Legends in the world of industrial music, heavyweights in the music industry as a whole, each album that comes out of NIN camp has been mastered, remastered, and remixed until every blip and bleep is perfect.  Sounding sonically amazing, with the dark, cryptic lyrics that one has come to expect out of NIN, “With Teeth” is their best release since “Downward Spiral”.  With the exception of “The Hand That Feeds”, which sounds like Reznor appeasing the suits at Interscope with a radio hit, “Open Season” is ambitious and pissed off.  Tracks like “The Collector” is pure aggression, and “Only” is, dare I say it, actually a bit funky for a NIN song.  The album as a whole is incredibly rhythmic, with driving drums and incredible beats.  The most surprising track on “Open Season” is also one of the best, the piano ballad “Right Where It Belongs” is beautiful and hurt, Reznor baring his soul on disc.  Nine Inch Nails have released one of their best, an 8/10. 

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