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Thursday September 1, 2005 10:16 pm

Gear Live Omega Giveaway: The $2,000 Gamestop Xbox 360 Bundle

Omega Bundle GiveawayOkay, so I was discussing Gamestop’s ridiculously amazing, and horrendously overpriced Xbox 360 Omega Bundle on The Chris Pirillo Show last week. Before the end of the segment, Chris had convinced me to give one of these monsters away here on Gear Live. Thank him, because this is what we are giving away:

360 Premium Pack ($399.00): Xbox 360 Game Console, Wireless Controller, Combination High-Definition Component & Standard A/V Cable, 20GB Hard Drive, Ethernet Cable, Headset, Universal Media Remote, Xbox Live Silver, Xbox Live Gold 30-Day Trial
Omega Bundle Games: Perfect Dark Collector’s Edition, Project Gotham Racing 3, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Dead or Alive 4, Call of Duty 2, GUN, Quake 4, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, Condemned, Madden NFL 2006, Kameo, Amped 3, Ghost Recon, NBA 2K6, NHL 2K6, Ridge Racer 6, Top Spin 2, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Tiger Woods 2006, Frame City Killer
Omega Bundle Accessories: Extra Wireless Controller, Extra Wireless Controller, Extra Wireless Controller, Wireless Network Adaptor, Memory Unit, Fuego Faceplates, Play & Charge Kit, Rechargeable Battery, Xbox Live 12 Month Card, 1-Year Product Replacement Plan

This contest starts now, and will end a week before Xbox 360 launch. Here is how it will go down. In order to enter, you need to be a registered user on the site, and must place your mailing address in the signup form in the Sync Magazine box. No worries, as your address will only be used to mail you your Bundle, and send you a Sync subscription if you check that box. Once this is done, be sure you are logged in and leave a comment here in this post. What we want to know is the following:

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?
2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?

Be sure to tell us why you are excited about (or not looking forward to) the games you choose. The winner will be someone who follows the instructions, and will be chosen at random. Once again, this one is only for those located in the good ol’ USA. There you have it. Someone is about to be buried in Xbox 360 games.

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The Game I am most looking forward to TESIV: Oblivion, because I have long been looking forward to it.

The Game I am least looking forward to is NHL 2K6, because I generally do not like Football games.

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?

Quake 4, firstly because trying to keep up with Id’s graphics engines is such a painful thing to do with PC’s now, that im happy the xbox 360 will play it out of the box and i won’t need a newer superduper GTI NVidia graphics card.
But most importantly is it brings together Ravens amazing game creation skills, fused with Id softwares mind blowing graphics, Doom III just seemed like a Tech Demo really, where as Quake 4 will be the game everyone wanted.

2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?
Tiger Woods 2006, golf is one of those sports that is only fun if you’re out there on the green, its really horrific to watch on TV, and surprisingly isn’t very much a fun video game, it probably deserves to be in the category of sports games that don’t translate well to games such as, Bass Fishing, Curling, Darts and Fencing.

The game I am most excited about is probably Elder Scrolls:  Oblivion.  I was a huge fan of Morrowind, and this game seems to be a lot like morrowind, but better. 
The game I am least looking forward to is NHL 2k6 because I am not a big hockey fan.

im most looking for
elders scrolls 4: oblivion
and im least looking forward to is topspin 2

im most looking for
elders scrolls 4: oblivion
and im least looking forward to is topspin 2
srry i alredy posted but i didnt put what i like
Im exided because i love all the other elder scrolls game and i can wait for this one.
and im not excited because i dont like tenis games

grin I think that the best gane in the bundle will be Oblivion(Elderscroll IV). I believe Morrowind was one of the most underated games on the Xbox and I am thinking that IV will be a system seller for the 360. I mean latest physics,advance A.I. and fantastic storyline…Sign me up.
raspberry The one game that really has me worried and probably my least favorite is Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. i think the “lowest common denominator factor” will really hurt this game simply because Activision does not want to mess with its proven PS2/xbox/gamecube logic. I don’t think the game will suck playwise but it would be the one iwould be ashamed to show my friends…LOL

I’m thinkin Ghost Recon will great.  The first one was good, never played the second one, but It seems great.

I’m not lookin forward to the NHL game so much though, since I’m not the biggest hockey fan.

I think GUN is gonna be a great game. Theres not many western themed games around and this looks like a winner. Plus i love “sandbox” style games.
The game Im looking least forward to is DoA4 only because im not that into fighting games…but it still looks sweet.

I’m looking most forward to Oblivion, it seems like it has the most variety and gameplay to offer.  I’m really interested to see what they can push the system to do.

I’m not looking forward to Madden.  It’s another Madden game, big whoop.  Like they’ll ever improve much without any competition.

1) Project Gotham Racing 3 is a game that looks awesome for the 360, the gfx look real good and im guessing this is going to be one of the best 360 games out there.

2) Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland looks like a real cool game , the gfx are cool, since Im used to playing those kind of cartoony looking games, im also a fan of the old Tony Hawk games smirk  cool hmm  cool grin

I am looking forward to Oblivion the most, because it seems like it has the most single player depth. There are just so many ways to play the Elder Scrolls games, so I’m hoping this sequel will be even better than the previous titles.

I’m looking least forward to Top Spin 2. While I enjoy varieties of games, tennis based games have never seemed that fun to me.

The game I am looking forward to the most in this bundle is Project Gotham Racing 3 because in the previews so far it looks amazing.

The game I am looking forward to the least in this bundle is Madden NFL 2006 because I don’t really care that much about football.

I am most looking forward to Perfect Dark because even though the first screenshots were not great I have faith in rare and what they can do with gmaes. Plus how longs it been since an original rare title?

The game I am least looking forward to would have to be the new Tiger Woods. I mean nothing against golfers but I have tried to watch my roomie play 2005 and it really does make me think about killing myself.

Well I’m glad to be part of this lil contest. I’d say if I had to pick one game I’m looking forward too most, It would have to be Quake 4. I’ve been a quake fan ever since the beginning. And it always seems to get better with each game. I was always wondering when they would make a sequal to Quake 2 that wasnt a multiplayer game. THe story in the second was so interesting and cool. Even all the mobs in the game and the guns were cool to look at and shoot. They always seem to be solid games in most aspects. Even story! For the least wanted game, i’d say Tony Hawks American Wasteland. I dunno about everyone else, but the idea of a skateboard video game bores me to tears. I’ve never been a big fan of tony hawk and that whole scene anyways. I’m sure it’s great for alot of people, but it’s not my thing in the least. And from what i’ve seen of other tony hawk games it’s just about doing impossible things on a skateboard and bunch of other things. I’ll take a good FPS or adventure game anyday. Well I hope my comment has done whatever your looking for. PS: I’ll slip all you $100 if i win! lol good luck to all who entered.

The game I’m most looking forward to would definitely have to be Ghost Recon 3.  I remember when I first played the single player campaign for the first Ghost Recon, I thought it was fun.  Then I logged on to Xbox Live and started palying online multi-player.  All I remember is logging on around 2 pm; next thing I know is I’m yawning, and I check the clock and realize it’s 4 am.  Anygame that can suck you in like that is good in my book.

The game I am least excited about would have to be Tony Hawk.  I’ve just never been into the skating or bmx games.

Awesome give-away, guys.  I’d never herd of your webpage before but I’ll have to bookmark it now, the HDD Wall Clock makes me want to check this page from time to time.

1.  I’m looking forward to Kameo, actually.  I dont’ know why but from the videos I’ve seen it just looks like fun.  Sure the game paly doesn’t seem groundbreaking in any way but the graphics are great, I like teh character design, and I’ve always been a big fan of beating the crap out of trolls.  Not to mention it is the only launch title, except maybe PD0, that strikes me as a more classic game.  I’m not real big on realistic games, I’d rather something that takes me to a far off world or into the distant future and wraps me up in the inbelievable.

2.  The game I’m looking forward to the least is Tiger Woods 2006.  I’m sorry, I’ve tried golf games and they just bore me to tears.  Now get me a new Outlaw Golf, or even better yet Outlaw Volleyball, and we can talk.

1) I’m looking forward to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as that game is going to rock the RPG world! Beautiful graphics, a living world, and hopefully the combat system will be more enjoyable than Morrowind. I just hope the story takes more of a prominent role in this one, as the Morrowind story seemed to take a backseat to just roaming around the enormous world.

2) I could really care less about NBA 2k6. I haven’t been able to get into a basketball game since NBA Jam, which rocked.

1)Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the same reasons as valinorbob

2)Madden NFL 2006-Never been into the Madden series or football console games in general. The only exception was NFL Blitz.

1)Dead or Alive 4 ... For the same reason I bought an xbox =) I am a huge DOA fan.

2)NFS: Most Wanted ... why would I play this when I could play PGR3? Seriously Need for Speed 1 was an excellent game, but its sun has now set.

I’m most looking forward to Elder Scrolls IV, because Morrowind was awesome, and this game will bring my computer to it’s knees. It looks so good.

The game I’m least looking forward to is NFL 2k6. I mean a) it’s already out on current consoles and b) it’s an EA sports title. So that means ti’s pretty much the exact same as last year’s NFL game only with slightly improved graphics. oh yay.

Man.. that’s a lot of comments. Here’s hoping I get picked.

“Not trying to cheat by double posting. I just wasn’t logged in for the previous post”

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?
A: I can’t wait to get my hands on Project Gotham Raceing 3! Ever since switching to Xbox from the PS2 and The Grand Tourismo series I’ve been hooked on PGR’s superior simulation and choice of vehicles. I just know that the new PGR3 will have all of it’s top design features and add to the already realistic raceing simulation experience.
2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?
A: It looks like GUN will be the least impressive of the launch games. Although the screen shots look good I don’t think that this game will take full advantage of the Xbox 360’s power. I’m also not interested in this particular plot used in conjunction with the “True Crimes” style engine.

What game am I looking forward to most in the bundle?  Perfect Dark Zero.  I still have my N64 hooked up to play some multiplayer Perfect Dark when my friends come by.
What game am I looking forward to the least?
I’d say Tiger Woods Golf.  Not that I don’t like the Tiger games, I do, but if I want to pay a Golf game a buddy of mine has an old Golden Tee machine in his basement and I’ll just go play that.
Overall though, I am looking forward to all of it.  It’s going to be very cool. grin

I am looking forward to Ghost Recon

I am not looking forward to Madden 2006.

The reason why i am looking forward to ghost recon is because Ubi Soft is awesome and have not disspointed me yet with the GR series. I have had GR since the beginning and always loved the games.

I am not looking forward to Madden because EA really needs to update the graphics in their games…I am tired of playing the same game every year. And they need to make future Madden’s have alot more features then just update the previous game with a few new features.

What game am I looking forward to most in the bundle?

Project Gotham Racing 3 because I love racing games and enjoyed PGR2.

What game am I looking forward to the least?

Tiger Woods 2006 would be my least favorite. I don’t really enjoy golf sims. I’d rather play the real thing.

The xbox360 plus xbox live is the gaming experience of the future.  cool smile

The game I’m looking most forward to? It’s hands down: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion! The Elder Scrolls always impress each generation and Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind was possibly my favorite RPG of all time. I can say I spent atleast 6 months playing that game and that game alone. I built the uber character which was master of every guild (yes the Fighter’s AND the Thieves Guild’s!), beat the main quest, trapped Vivec’s sole in Azura’s star, and displayed all of the world’s best armor, weopons, and items in my stronghold for all to see! I even has millions of currency on me thanks to the Creeper trick smile I even nearly memorized the whole map and knew where everything was and how to get there quick via the Mage’s Guild and Silt Strider’s. I conquered every dungeon and leveled up nearly all my skills to level 100. I think in the end my character was around level 60. And this was my second character. !_!

The game I’m looking least forward to is Ridge Racer 6. I never played Ridge Racer but it never really caught my attention. I would much rather play Project Gotham 3 or Need for Speed: Most Wanted. And I am pretty sure everyone else in the world would agree with me.

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?

Perfect Dark Zero

2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, I’m not really into skateboarding games

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?

Perfect Dark Zero

2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?

Tony Hawk

1). The game I look forward to the most is Perfect Dark Zero.  I loved the original on the N64, and I’m a big fan of multiplayer games.  It will be great to see Joanna Dark reinvented on the 360.

2).  The game I least look forward to is Madden because I am not a fan of pro-sports video games.  I like sports games like NBA street, but not the traditional stuff.  I’d rather play the real thing.

Greetings and salutations

Currently, the title I am most ambivalent about for Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

I am always intrigued by advances in AI, so when I heard of the “Radiant AI” that Bethesda is utilizing in the game, I was immediately interested.

I won’t even go into detail about how fantastic the screenshots look.  Let’s just say that my current system can’t run Doom 3 all that well, and would very much enjoy being able to play something as visually enticing as Oblivion.

The game I am least interested in has to be Dead or Alive 4, as I disliked the gameplay of the previous title in the series.

However, if they fix certain things in 4, I would certainly give it a chance.


Registering for the Xbox contest of course.. smile

Most looking forward to GUN, seems to be the most original and intriguing of the lot.. least looking forward to.. Amped 3.  I didn’t even know there was an Amped 2.

My PC remains the same as it was two years and even then it wasn’t able to play all the latest games.  Since the xbox came out I’ve wanted one even if the games were PC ports.  The truth is I can play them on the xbox and they work great without any hassles.

That being said my most anticipated game is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  I’ve never played it but based on the fact that it’s a PC-type RPG and it’s the fourth in it’s series I wager it’s a decent game.  Frankly, I just love RPG’s.

What really turns me off?  Madden NFL 2006.  I don’t have anything against sports games but this could be the greatest football game in the world and I still wouldn’t like it.  Realistic sports game completely ruin the experience.  Consoles are for escaping reality, not simulating it.

1)  I am most looking foward to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in this bundle.  It is a good looking game with the guys behind Morrowind developing this, this game is sure to be a hit.

2) I am least looking foward to Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland in this bundle.  When I last saw a E3 video of it, it didn’t look much better then current console versions.  At this point the Tony Hawk series have had so many titles it seems it has been over done.

Th game I am most looking forward to is Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Bethesda did an amazing job of making Morrowwind a deep and open-ended game. I can’t wait to find out what they do on a next-gen console.

I am least looking forward to Frame City Killer. I don’t know much about it, but it doesn’t look all that interesting. I’d give it a chance if I win it though!

the game i am most looking for is elder scrolls oblivion

the game i am least looking for is Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland

Wow that’s quite the bundle. If I had to pick, and apparently I do, I’d have to say DOA 4 gets me most excited (and no, not like that.. mostly..); despite what many people believe (*cough*soul calibur fanatics*cough*), the DOA series comprises some extremely valid fighting games and I love them.

Least excited? Top spin 2. I think I got over tennis games after “Pong 3D”. I don’t know, maybe this one includes “unparalleled realism” or “eye-popping visuals” or something, but frankly the idea of making a couple of swedes smack top-spin lobs at each other’s endorsements just doesn’t get my blood pumping.

1) Perfect Dark Zero. I am really excited about this game because I loved the first one so much. Plus being able to play multiplayer with over 50 people is gonna be awesome.
2) Tiger Woods 2006. I hate golf games and I can’t imagine this one is going to change my mind in any way.

I am definately looking forward to PDZ the most.  RARE does one thing very well and that is its Perfect Dark/Goldeneye type games.  The original game was awesome, and this one promises scalable levels, huge multiplayer, tons of weapons, and the cool evade moves.  If this doesn’t at least give other fps devs some great ideas on were to go, it will be lot of fun to play online.

The game I’m least looking forward to is Frame City Killer, because the trailers I’ve seen haven’t been impressive.  They have nice skylines, but it looks like a badly ported cross between GTA and the Matrix with the slow time fighting effects.  Just not enough iformation out there to make it seem like a good game, especially with the other choices that will be available.

I am really excited for PD0.  Looks to be really innovative with all of the customization.  Hopefully it gets finished up and polished nicely in time.

The game that I’m looking foreward to the least is NHL2k6.  I’ve never bought a hockey game and don’t think I ever will.  Never been a fan of playing sports games(although I do like watching and playing the sports themselves).

Whew, what a sweet contest.

I’m most looking forward to Perfect Dark Collector’s Edition, because i’m a fan of the original and it will be nice to have a big multiplayer game to keep me occupied at launch. I already love the crap out of Live, and it’ll be great to have a new game to play on it on the new hardware. Singleplayer looks rad, too.

I’m least looking forward to NBA 2K6. Just not much of a sports fan, especially when it comes to basketball. I’d much rather be tearing up some Oblivion or Ghost Recon. smile

the game im most lookin forward to would have to be pdz, and least would be kameo

The game I am most looking forward to is Project Gotham Racing 3.  The graphics in it look amazing and the gameplay looks awesome.  I want to experience th next generation of gaming.  And, having never owned an xbox, I have never played a game quite like Project Gotham Racing 3.

The game I am least looking forward to is NHL2K6.  I am not very interested in sports games.  I don’t really like hockey at all.  Not that it’s a bad game, its just that I’m not interested in some sports games and hockey.

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?  —PD0 - love me some shootin’, and this seems to be the most epic of the bunch.
2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?—- Frame City Killer.  Meh.  Not interested.

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?  There is only one that I’m looking forward too and that is Oblivion,open ended gameplay & beutiful graphics.
2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?Kameo has to be the one I’m least excited about due to the coloful graphics.A little more towards the younger audience.

1) I am totally stoked for Perfect Dark 0 as it should be awesome.  I loved the first one and I enjoy shooters.  This should be a great game to party on with others so I’m very stoked for it.

2) I am not necessarily excited for Top Spin 2.  Tennis games do not historically seem to have the depth I am looking for out of a game.  Simply running back and forth hitting the ball has never been much fun.  They should take the EA Fight Night approach where characters gain stats for accomplishing different things.  Even then though I don’t even understand tennis so meh.

I cant wait to get my hands on the new Ghost Recon game. The videos look amazing, the character reactions, so lifelike and natural will really put you in the game. Also the actions happening around you such as explosions look really good. I think its going to be the best Ghost Recon game yet!

The game I am least looking forward to is Tiger Woods 2006. I’ve never been a fan of golf, but would probably play it just to see the level design, details and such.

I hope I get this bundle!! It has so many games and accessories i could just plotz! Well I will keep everything I can crossed till the the big day is here!

1) The game I am most looking forward to is Quake 4. I saw a video demonstration of the game and it looks fantastic. I am a big fan of the previous Quake iterations.
2) The game I am looking forward to least is NBA 2K6. Simply because I am not into sports games.


<b>1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?</b>

The game I am most looking forward to would have to be <i><b>Perfect Dark Collector’s Edition</i></b> simply because I was a huge fan of the original on the Nintendo 64.  I spent hours sitting in front of the TV playing <i>Perfect Dark</i> (and <i>Golden Eye</i> before that) with my friends and hope to re-live some of those great experiences in high definition goodness on the Xbox 360.

<b>2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?</b>

The game I am looking forward to the least would be <i><b>Madden NFL 2006</i></b> because I’ve already played it on current generation hardware and was not really that impressed.  Sure it’ll have next generation graphics on the 360, but It’s still most likely just going to provide the same basic experience as pretty much any other Madden game released in the past 3-4 years.


The game i am most looking forward to in Perfect Dark.  I loved the N64 version and have been following the new XBOX 360 version very closely.

The game i am least looking forward to is Madden 2006. I used to love the Madden games but as of the last few years I have grown to hate sports games and EA for that matter.

I WANT PGR 3!!!!!!!!!!!!, Im addicted to racing games, and feel pure rush when im competting against good players, I bought Forza for xbaox the day it came out and since its such an addiction to me I just want PGR3 to quench my thirst for next gen racing.

I think the game im least interested in is Kameo, I understand how some people are attracted to it for its graphics, and some others think it’ll show how confident they feel about their sexuality (I’ve gotten that answer many times when I said I didnt like it) but that kind of childish games just dont appeal to me, the only one though is mario, I guess because I grew up playing with it on NES.

Anyways thanks for the opportunity and wish you all luck wink

<b>1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?</b>

The game I’m most looking forward to is The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion. With the radiant AI and procedural synthesis in effect, coupled with an open-ended play style, and massive world to explore, there’s no doubt that this game is on top of my list, as I’m sure it will deliver a fun and adventurous experience as TES3:Morrowind has.

<b>2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?</b>

The game I’m least looking forward to without a doubt would have to be Madden NFL 2006. For starters, I’m not a big fan of the sport. Also, I believe that other than the graphical differences, there is not much of a change from Madden NFL 2005 and 2006. Oh, and let’s not even get into the whole, “monopoly” thing.

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