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Thursday September 1, 2005 10:16 pm

Gear Live Omega Giveaway: The $2,000 Gamestop Xbox 360 Bundle

Omega Bundle GiveawayOkay, so I was discussing Gamestop’s ridiculously amazing, and horrendously overpriced Xbox 360 Omega Bundle on The Chris Pirillo Show last week. Before the end of the segment, Chris had convinced me to give one of these monsters away here on Gear Live. Thank him, because this is what we are giving away:

360 Premium Pack ($399.00): Xbox 360 Game Console, Wireless Controller, Combination High-Definition Component & Standard A/V Cable, 20GB Hard Drive, Ethernet Cable, Headset, Universal Media Remote, Xbox Live Silver, Xbox Live Gold 30-Day Trial
Omega Bundle Games: Perfect Dark Collector’s Edition, Project Gotham Racing 3, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Dead or Alive 4, Call of Duty 2, GUN, Quake 4, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, Condemned, Madden NFL 2006, Kameo, Amped 3, Ghost Recon, NBA 2K6, NHL 2K6, Ridge Racer 6, Top Spin 2, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Tiger Woods 2006, Frame City Killer
Omega Bundle Accessories: Extra Wireless Controller, Extra Wireless Controller, Extra Wireless Controller, Wireless Network Adaptor, Memory Unit, Fuego Faceplates, Play & Charge Kit, Rechargeable Battery, Xbox Live 12 Month Card, 1-Year Product Replacement Plan

This contest starts now, and will end a week before Xbox 360 launch. Here is how it will go down. In order to enter, you need to be a registered user on the site, and must place your mailing address in the signup form in the Sync Magazine box. No worries, as your address will only be used to mail you your Bundle, and send you a Sync subscription if you check that box. Once this is done, be sure you are logged in and leave a comment here in this post. What we want to know is the following:

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?
2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?

Be sure to tell us why you are excited about (or not looking forward to) the games you choose. The winner will be someone who follows the instructions, and will be chosen at random. Once again, this one is only for those located in the good ol’ USA. There you have it. Someone is about to be buried in Xbox 360 games.

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1) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Morrowwind was a great game and Oblivion looks to combine the best of that and Fable into one huge game.  The graphics look absolutely fantastic and the fact that every CPU has their own dynamic 24 hour schedule will create so many memories and ways to play the game.  Plus the immense replay value of this game will keep me hooked for months.

2) NHL 2k6
I’ve never been a fan of hockey and I see no reason why the videogame would be attractive to me.  It could just be that hockey never really caught on here in America but the whole game just seems so made up and unenjoyable

1: I am definatly most looking forward to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. That games going to be soooooo great. Morrowind is one of my favorite games ever.

2: I’m least looking forward to Madden NFL 2006. I hate football, and football games are no exception.

The Xbox 360 game, I’m most interested in is Project Gotham Racing, from what I’ve seen with the high def trailors, and from what I’ve read about it, PGR3 promises to be quite an amazing game and experience.

The Game I’m least looking forward to for the Xbox 360 would have to be Tiger Woods 2006, Woods seems cool and all, but I don’t really care much for golf at all. Its a very boring sport in my view, I guess I’m saying that mostly because I really don’t understand it or see the excitement in it, that well. And I don’t think the game would be much fun than the actual game any wayz. So Golf Boring = Golf Game for Xbox 360 boring. Well in my view any wayz.

I am most interested in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  I loved Morrowind and expect even more from Bethesda next-gen!

I am least interested in Madden ‘06.  I haven’t enjoyed a console football game ever and won’t be wasting a single minute on them in the future.

1. The Game I’m mostly looking forward to in this Xbox 360 Bundle is Project Gotham Racing, because from what I’ve seen in the trailers & press realeases, and also from what I’ve read about it. This game promises to be an amazing game, both graphically, and in gameplay.

2. The Game I’m least interested in, in this bundle, or should I say, not interested in at all is Tiger Woods 2006, Tiger is cool and all, but couldn’t care less about golf, I think its a boring sport, hence I don’t see the game for Xbox 360 exciting me much or at all, the graphics look really cool though.

1) I am really looking forward with Call of Duty 2 because when i played the the first PC call of duty at my friends house it was simply amazing. It felt like you were actually at the battles of WWII. The american and russian campaigns were very dramatic with the music. I didnt really get to play it cause my computer wasnt good and my graphics card didnt support it. I wish i could of played it more. But with call of duty 2 coming to the 360 will be worth it! The african campaign is going to be really good i hear with the british. I am also looking forward with the beach map cause it will remind me of saving private ryan movie. I saw some previews and this game is going to be a must buy! I dont know how online will be but im hoping for drivable tanks and all that so it makes it really realistic. I just cant wait man!

2) The game i am not looking forward to is Tiger Woods 2006 because i dont really have the patience to play games like this. I like fast paced games and you would never see me actually playing golf in real life cause looks like a headache. I like getting right to the subject and doing whatever i like. The graphics of this game seem really good but that wont cut it for me. I wonder how the online play is. If i could play golf in real life you could see me playing this game and making it one of the top games for me rather than cod2. Last golf game i played was on the n64 system and i didnt like it all. No offense to the golf player!

1) The game I am looking forward to most in the bundle is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I have been a huge fan of the series since it’s conception and expect this one to be the best yet.

2) The game I am looking forward to least in the bundle is NBA 2K6. I do not like basketball in any flavor, not even Xbox 360.

Im looking forward to Elder Scrols IV:Oblivoion and least looking forward to Top Spin 2.

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?

The game I am most looking forward to is Project Gotham Racing 3 . Why? Because Project Gotham Racing 2 was my favorite online game on xbox live. Cat and mouse was awsum.

2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?

The game I am least looking forward to is Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. Why because this series has been over done. I am not much into skateboarding games to begin with..

I am definatly looking forward to Proget Gotham Racing 3. I absolutly loovved the first two, the online in PGR2 was amazing, and very enjoyable. And the whole PGR TV thing sounds AMAZING.

The game I’m not too excited about is Madden. All Madden games are the same, I cant believe people buy them year after year. you only need one madden game for the entire duration of a consoles life, cause they hardley ever upgrade the graphics or gameplay, and if they do its definatly not woth another 50 bucks.

I’m looking forward to Elder Scrolls Oblivon because of the immense landscape and how real the other characters will act and interact with each other.

I’m not really looking forward to Top Spin 2 because im not the biggest of tennis fans.

Wow… now thats a hard question. I mean what is not to love. Theres Oblivion, NFS, Quake, Ghost Recon, Dead or Alive, and the list goes on.
I’m looking forward to all the games but if I had to choose the one I’m looking forward to most it would be Oblivion. Its graphics are incredible, “Rusted Armor Never Looked So Good”.


The game I am most looking forward to is Call of Duty 2 because it looks like it has some great graphics, physics, and special effects. the smoke effects are amazing.


the game that I am looking forward the least is Tiger Woods 2006 because I dont like golf games.

1) The one game i will be most looking foward to is most likely Perfect Dark Zero.Why? Well i am really looking foward to the next gen graphics and this game really looks like an awesome game for the next generation consol gaming.

2) The one game that i will most likely not looking foward to is Madden NFL 2006… The reason why that is cause… i alerday have it for xbox… and its not the greatest game i have ever played and the only difference thats gonna be on xbox360 is probley the graphics and thats not gonna let me like the game more.

Now for the reason why im looking foward to Perfect Dark Zero is cause the gameplay looks really sweet and so do the graphics they just look INSANE!!

And the reason why im not looking foward to madden 06.. well i alerday stated my self but it’s cause the game is just not my type.. its not cause i dont like football just dont like it for some reason…just dont suite me.

The game I look forward to most in the bundle is Ghost Recon.  Great graphics combined w/ multiplayer is gonna make this one of the most anticipated games for the 360.

The least game I’m looking forward to is NFS.  I don’t think we need another racing game unless there’s something different about the game play.  From what I see, there’s not much to this games besides driving cars.

The game that I am most looking foreward to is Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion.  I was simply blown away by the incredible detail that the artists put into the game.  The world in Oblivion is supposed to be totally free, with more than a thousand possible characters within the game.  The engine is supposed to render, I think up to 80 different types of vegetation. Each city is unique, and there are side missions that you can play out for hours on end.  The fact that you can READ!! 40 books in the world is just a tiny but very cool detail that the designers put in to make the game rock.

The game that I am least looking foreward to is Top Spin 2.  I am not a huge fan of tennis, and although people might say it is fun or good, I can not see myself playing a game where you play tennis.  I dont discredit people who say it is a good game, but I am not looking foreward to it.

I’d have to say that the game that i am most looking forward to would be ‘The Elder Scrolls 4:  Oblivion.’  This game’s open-ended gameplay which promises countless hours of fun and an unprecedented form of A.I. seems like it will be killer. 

The game that i am least looking forward to would have to be NHL 2k6.  Hockey seems to be dead and the games being made are the same in my opinion and as an affect, they are becoming worse and worse as they are not keeping up with the times.

1. The game that I am looking forward to playing the most out of this bundle would have to be Perfect Dark Zero. The N64 version was amazing and hopefully this version will be just as much fun.

2. The game that I am least looking forward to in the bundle would have to be Tony Hawks American Wasteland. The screenshots that were released looked more like a current generation game and the gameplay will most likely be the same as previous versions.

1: I am looking forward to Perfect Dark Zero the most because of the awesomeness of of the first one. It was one of the highlights of the n64 and being the spiritual successor to Goldeneye gave it some of the best gameplay of console FPS’s. This is the sequel to that and with promised 50 player online play and it being rare’s first real test in awhile I am stoked for it.

2. On the other hand I am least looking forward to Tony Hawk’s american wasteland. The tony hawk series has totally run its course, and to me was almost perfect in its first iteration. How do you improve upon perfection? You can’t, only make it worse. Once they went into a Free-roaming game I thought it totally started to suck. With this making it moreso(one big city) I have no desire to play it.

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?

Perfect dark zero is my most antipated game for the xbox 360 lineup.  Why?  Because I love First person shooters and I loved Perfect Dark 1 for the N64.  Plus the online play a huge bonus.

2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?

Ridge Racer 6, because the other racers coming out for the Xbox 360 are so much more appealing to me than this racer.

I’d say the game I’m looking foward to most if Project Gotham Racing 3, there was something about PGR2 that made me fall in love like no game before.  I’ve logged nearly 200 hours into PGR2 between singleplayer and on Xbox Live.

My least awaited has to be Madden 2006, I’m not a huge football fan to begin with, and Madden just doesn’t do anything for me.

The game I am most looking forward to is definitely Perfect Dark Zero.  The original’s gameplay was sublime, as a result I believe this game will be no different.  The recent screenshots I’ve seen from this game have gotten me even more hyped, this game seems like it will be the next Halo.

The game I am looking forward to the least is Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland.  The Tony Hawk franchise should have ended a long time ago.  They have been trying to innovate too much.  The Tony Hawk games should be purely about skateboarding, nothing else.  Also, from what I’ve seen this game doesn’t take advantage of all this power the 360 offers.  I don’t see why someone would buy a new system, only to put in a game that doesn’t take advantage of it.

Looking forward most to oblivion.
Least to madden - I don’t like football.

The game that I am most looking forward to is Top Spin 2.  This is because I am a very big tennis fan and I want to go pro. 

The game I am looking least forward to is Tony Hawk Wasteland.  This is because I am not into skateboarding games and the graphics look terrible. 

I am excited about the games I chose because I am very into them.  The graphics look great and I bet the gameplay will be great too.  Like I said before I am a tennis fanatic.

1. Call of Duty 2 - Most looking forward to
- It expands on the awesome Call of Duty and the scope looks amazing. There is said to be no invisible walls and there are tons of enemies on screen. It looks incredible.

2. Madden NFL 06 - Least looking forward to
- Not only is this a PS2 port, but it’s old, outdated and ESPN NFL 2K5 was better. Not to mention I’m not a big football fan. I don’t need or want old rehashes on Xbox 360.

I am most looking forward to Oblivion, like a majority of the people here! Its gonna rock!

I am least looking forward to tiger woods 2006.

I am most looking forward to Project Gotham 3. PG2 was easily the most fun I have evert had with a racing game (outside of Burnout 3). It struck the perfect balance between realism and arcadiness. Though the rumblings I hear of this not being a launch title have me a bit worried.

I am least impressed with Kameo. It seems that Rare has places all its eggs is Joanna Dark’s lap. Not a bad place for them, to be sure, but Kameo looks like a 3dmark tech demo.

I would be looking forward to PDZ the most and the least would be kameo cuz its just so unappealling to me .

Oblivion is the game I’m looking forward to the most.  Nextgen Morrowind will be crazy.  I can not wait to see the game in action and the situations that play out.

Tony Hawk Wasteland it the game I’m least looking forward to.  Let’s have some innovation instead of past gen ports…could be good, but I’ll be cautiously pessimistic.

I can’t wait for launch - Nov. can’t come soon enough.  Winning this sweet contest would wicked nice.

1)  I am most looking forward to Quake 4 because it looks like it will be a great multiplayer game, probably the best amongst the listed.

2)  I am least looking forward to Madded 2006 because I have played it already.  It is a great game but improved graphics is the only benefit that I haven’t experienced.

I most looking forward to Perfect Dark Collector’s Edition. The orginal Perfect Dark for the 64 was great! I love the laptop gun! It was the first and only game that I bought the strategy guide before the game when I was just renting it.

The game I’m least looking forward to is Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. I would love to be more interested in this game, but it seems like the Tony Hawk series has hit a plateau. There’s almost nothing to get pumped up about.

I also do not have a Sync Magazine check box in my profile but wish to do this contest. I will be more than willing to take a subscription to the mag though heh.

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle? Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion! I have been noticing that I have way too much free time on my hands right now and there is nothing better in the world to suck away free time than an Elder Scrolls game. And with the graphics they now have and the whole streamlining of the game… this will be the ONE game worth getting with the 360.

2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?  Madden NFL 2006. Can we please please please put someone elses name, likeness and voice in this game? Plus putting new names on the jerseys is not updating the game…..

1.) Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter is the game I am most looking forward to the most.  I have always enjoyed Ghost Recon and have to say the graphics on the new one look amazing.  I am very hyped about this game and its online multiplayer.

2.) The game I am least looking forward to is Tiger Woods 2006.  I myself am not really into golf and feel the sport as a game is kind of boring.  I enjoy FPS games more.

The game i am looking forward to the most thats in this bundle is Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland.I am a huge fan of skateboarding and extreme sports and i really like the whole Tony Hawk series.

The game i am looking forward to the least is Madden 06
i just don’t like football.

The game I’m most looking forwared to is Perfect Dark Zero. I had a friend that played the original for hours on end and did nothing but tease me with it. All I would hear is how fun it was and how it was the best game he ever played. Now I will finally get my chance to see what all the fuss was about. Everything I’ve read up to this point sounds extremely fun and the online modes sound perfect.

The game I’m least looking foward to is Tiger Woods 2006. Why, it’s a golf game. The game of golf is meant for the great outdoors. It’s a game that can’t be watched or played on TV and be enjoyed to it’s fullest. If you aren’t out with mother nature swingin the 9 iron, then you ain’t playing the game of golf.

The game that I am looking forward to the most is <b><i>Perfect Dark Collector’s Edition</i></b> because of sheer hype alone.  This is the type of hype rivialed only by <i>Halo 2</i>, <i>Metal Gear Solid</i>, and <i>Final Fantasy VIII</i>, and infomation on the game has been virtually non-existent up to this point (which says a lot).  But the information the we do have has piqued my interest intensely (50+ players online, tournaments, scalable environments, and co-operative action).  Honestly, with a track record that includes two of the greatest First-person Shooters of all time, <b>Rare®</b> had me at “hello.”  Also, I am a sucker for collector’s editions. grin

The game that I am looking forward to the least is <b><i>Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland</i></b>.  The <i>only</i> reason that this game is last on my expectation list is because of the simple fact that I am <b>not a fan of the series</b>, though that is not to say that I don’t like their games, it is just that I was not fortunate enough to be swept away by the “Hawk” phenomenon.  But the notion of being able to skate around a seamless city sounds really impressive.

1. The game I’m most looking forward to in the Omega Bundle would have to be Perfect Dark Zero. I mean, that game is going to be sweet. A lot of people agree that it’s the official Halo killer. With the ability to have 50 player battles online is just insane! Besides the lovely multiplayer, there is of course, the great single player story to follow. I remember how the first Perfect Dark, for Nintendo 64, kept me interested until the end of the game. Very fun game in every aspect. The replay value of this game will make people forget about Halo. Well, we’ll still love Halo, nonetheless. Rare has always released amazing games and Perfect Dark Zero will redefine what the company is able to create.

2. The game I’m least looking forward to would have to be Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. I also remember first playing Tony Hawk on the Nintendo 64. At first, I was hooked. It was like a whole new addiction. It was really fun for the first couple of times, but then it gets boring and “played out,” for lack of a better term. It was only recently that I first played Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 for the Xbox. For some reason, with Tony Hawk games, I find myself spending 90 percent of the time creating a skater instead of actually playing the game itself. That is one thing I truly love about Tony Hawk, though. The extensive library of things to add to your player is sweet. Two thumbs up for the custom skater creator. Otherwise, the game doesn’t have much of a replay value. But like I said, it’s fun for the first couple of times you play it.

If I’m the luckiest guy in the world and win this, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!

Like many people, I can’t wait for launch day. I’m ready for the next generation. Bring it on!

1) I am MOST looking forward to Perfect Dark Zero: LE.  I was a huge Goldeneye fan.  My brother and my friends would always find time to play it constantly, having tournaments, and making up our own games for each level.  I liked the original Perfect Dark as well.  Slowly, Perfect Dark phased out Goldeneye in our get togethers and it was a great memory of the times we had in Goldeneye.  If Rare can work it’s magic again, I’m sure PDZ will be an absolute blast.

2) I am LEAST looking forward to Dead or Alive 4.  I am sure tons of people will enjoy this game, as it looks astounding.  Fighting games are just not my cup of tea.

1) I’m looking forward to Call of Duty 2 the most because of the sheer amount of characters onscreen at any given time, with explosions, smoke and dust blowing everywhere.  This game will show how powerful the system truly is. This game will be awesome! I’ve been waiting for a game like this for a very long time.

2) Tony Hawk is my least wanted game, because it has been done to death already and it’s beginning to show it’s age. Been there. Done that.  Time to move on to something else. The game doesn’t look next generation at all to me.

1) I am most looking forward to Perfect Dark Zero. I never got the chance to play the original on the N64 but I absolutely loved Goldenye and that is what I’m hoping to get from this title. An immersive story line with challenging AI and lofty objectives for each mission in the single player and the most dynamic and complex multiplayer system ever seen in a game are what excite me most about this potential game of the year candidate.

2) I am least looking forward to Ridge Racer 6. C’mon, seriously, how many sequels can one game have…? j/k wink But in all seriousness, I think that the racing genre is already well represented with amazing looking titles like PGR3 and NFS:MW on the horizon. This is one crowded genre that I am already not a huge fan of to begin with. That is why I am not too stoked about RR6.

1. Most wanted game is to Perfect Dark Collectors Edition because of goldeneye and perfect dark on N 64.

2.  Least wanted game is Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland.  Doesn’t seem much different than the older versions.

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?

Quake 4:  The footage looks great, and the Quake series is awesome. 

2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?

Tiger Woods 2006:  I don’t care for golf, and I don’t care for playing golf videogames.  Tiger Woods seems like nice guy though.

1) Looking forward to Perfect Dark Zero, definitely. I loved the first game on the N64, and I’m sure this new PD game will be great.

2) However, I am not excited for Madden 2006. EA’s Madded series seems to be an experiment in how long they can repackage the same game every year and still have people who buy it.

1) Which game are you looking forward to the most in this bundle?

I am most looking forward to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  I think that this is a game that will really take advantage of the HD capabilities of the X360 and I like the sound of the game’s radiant AI.

2) Which game are you looking forward to the least in this bundle?

I am not looking forward to Quake IV.  I’m not a huge fan of FPSs to begin with, so a game in this genre has to have something special (such as a good story a la Halo) to interest me.  Quake IV doesn’t appear to have that.

1) Out of all the games, I am looking forward to Call of Duty 2 the most. The main reason is because I greatly enjoyed the first one and have been looking forward to the second one ever since.

2) The game that I am least looking forward to is Madden NFL 2006 because I don’t really like NFL video games.

1)Perfect Dark Zero, im excited to see if Rare can make the sequel anywhere near as good as the first.
2) Frame City Killers, any game named Frame City Killers cant be good.

If I win the omega bundle ill force gamestop into making the alpha bundle which costs twice as much and is twice as bloated.

The game I am looking forward to the most:
Ghost Recon AW.
Been a fan since Ghost Recon 1,  the first FPS I was ever able to get my girlfriend to play, heck the ONLY game I could get her to play! My friends and I would spend hours doing terrorist hunt or coop missions. This is THE game when it comes to tactical coop gameplay, and part 2 only multiplied that feeling by some, although I still prefer GR1 to 2 anyday.

The game I am looking forward to the least:
Uhm, it is hockey. America didn’t like hockey enough to let them play this season, I have never liked the sport, even though I tried playing street hockey back in Elementary school (when EVERYTHING is cool, including playing house with girls), but now that I am all about footballa nd motorsports, men icecapading on ice and fighting every now and then, just doesn’t interest me AT ALL.

The game I am most looking forward to is Madden NFL 2006. I like to watch football, and the Madden series is a proven in gameplay. And on the 360 the graphics have to be amazing. It’s a must have.
  The game that I am not looking forward to is NHL 2K6. I am really just not that much of a hockey fan

The game I am most looking forward to is Kameo, that live demo at the German Games conference was amazing.

The game I am least looking forward to is Quake 4, only cause it is a PC game to me not a console game.

im looking forward to playing need for speed most wanted

im not looking forward to madden. i dont like football games

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