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Wednesday March 9, 2005 2:47 pm

Gear Live Giveaway: Sony PSP Value Pack

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PSP Value Pack Giveaway

Each week, Gear Live gives away awesome tech prizes courtesy of PrizeCube. The winner of the last contest was Matt M., who walked away with a brand new Logitech Harmony 676 Remote Control.

I am going to make this quick, and easy. You all want a PSP. You may not want to pay $249 for a Value Pack that may be bundled with things you don’t even want, but you still want one. This is where we come in. We are going to give away two Sony PSP Value Packs in this contest. To enter, all you need to do is tell us which PSP launch game has you the most stoked - without using Ridge Racers as your answer. Just let us know which game it is, and why,  in the comments area. In a week, we will randomly pick two people who met the requirements, and their PSP’s will be shipped when the product launches. As a friendly reminder, anyone is allowed to leave a comment, but only U.S. residents are eligible to win the prize. Thanks again to PrizeCube for sponsoring our giveaways.

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I am looking forward to Vampire Chronicles. I can’t wait for the U.S. launch with wifi support. It will be great to watch me beating a werewolf’s ass in Tokyo all the way from Atlanta.

Untold Legends is going to be the best game.  The multiplayer aspect will be great as well.  A good RPG is a great way to kill some time, plus if its on a handheld you can play while you wait for anything.  This will be one of the first games I get when I get my PSP.

Metal Gear Ac!d is my choice. Aside from a love of written langauge molestation in the name, it’s a turn based strategy with cards and metal gear. I gotta try it.

Or Wipeout. That might be hot if multi carries it.

I am looking forward to Metal Gear Acid. Have played all the other meltal gears and the idea of missing this one has not even entered my mind.

metal gear acid
im a huge metal gear fan
im sure itll be beautiful on psp

I’m really excited about the Jeff Corwin Experience game. I love that guy, can’t wait.

I’m looking forward to Death Jr.  I’m a big fan of adventure/platformers, and this seems to be one of the few that’s not either a sequel or a re-hash.  Looks fun.

I’m looking forward to Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade.  I really enjoy RPGs and have spent hours and hours on games like Diablo II and the Final Fantasy series when I should have been sleeping.  With MMO’s like Evercrack(Everquest) and Champions of Norrath under it’s belt, Sony Online Entertainment has an excellent background and the experience to create an A+ game plus it can’t hurt that their parent company is the creator of the PSP.  Early previews of the game already show it’s depth with randomly generated elements and many levels.  I’m really excited about a deep single-player experience for those times when I’n not feeling especially social.  Finally a portable game with depth - this will be wonderful for long car rides and plane trips and even the waiting room at the doctor’s office.  My portable RPG prayers seem to have been answered but I’ll have to wait until March 24th to know for sure - I may have to call in sick that day.

I never really planned on getting one of these, well..because I am not a thousandaire. The game I would want to play most is Metal Gear Solid Acid because I have grown fond of the Metal Gear games. If Katamari Damacy were to ever come out then that would be my top game.

the lauch game that interests me the most has got to be Need For Speed Underground Rivals…....because, ever since i started playing video games (15 years ago) there has always been a few game titles and series that come along and totally revamp the way people look at games. i think that NFS has done that. they were the first to really make imports big in a game. they have the best cosmetic tuning available right now and i know its only goin to get better with “Rivals.” please pick me for this drawing…...i know its random…..but dont worry, i wont tell anybody if u pick me cuz u like me the best wink lol but seriously…..i NEED a PSP….if i dont get one, i dont know what i will do. i cant buy one myself cuz im short on money right now and cant splurge at all! im so desperate that i would be willing to put “Gear Live” all over it just to sponser yall. i would play it everywhere and let everyone know what the best internet website is in the entire WORLD!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

It is it a hard choice but I would have to say “WipeOut Pure.” Reasons include awesome music, fast paced racing, and mind blowing futuristic graphics.  It will also have downloadable content like maps, skins, music and more.  Being that I am good with Photoshop I hope they will allow us to make our own skins. 
-Kevin Bryant

I’m really looking forward to Playing Untold Legends for the Psp.  I have read several reviews and it looks like it could be the new Diablo.  I can’t wait to try out the wireless multiplayer.  I think this game will be the first one that I buy.  The graphics look amazing and the overall theme is one that I enjoy. I love roleplaying games.  I can’t wait

My favorite game for the PSP is Metal Gear Acid, I can’t wait

I would have to say Metal Gear Acid for sure. I’ve always been a diehard Metal Gear fan and I have to admit after hearing this was “different” i was disappointed but i heard that it is such a great change and am looking forward to getting to play it myself and judge.

If i do win I will get it sent from a friend in the USA.

Untold Legends looks to be such a tight game. I’ve always been partial to game with the Co-op options like Gauntlet and Halo. A wireless Coopertive handheld with the power of a PS2? I can’t wait.

The need for getting stoked over a game that does not have great, stankin wonderful online play, is sadly unnesessary for my soul.
  That is why I am totally, totally STOKED LOL  over…

...‘Smart Bomb(Also known as: Bombshell)’!

ohh .
  What?  Why the face?  Tell me Bejewelled didn’t have you hours against your own will, gluing you to the screen gulp like a octopus clinging on a helpless crab who has just been deemed “Special of the Day”.  Just imagine the same heavenly addiction with great online play that would have you squeezing your portable handheld to death, just to feed your endless desire to see your opponent, go KABOOM shock !!!  Errr… not reccomended though… *crack confused .

THUG 2 Remix. Tony Hawk is the master. This game is the perfect portable game. Fun and addictive.

Metal Gear Acid looks like it is the best game hands down.  I mean, it is Metal Gear!!!  I have loved every Metal Gear Game that they have recently come out with.  They always have great stories and the character design is just great!  I will buy a PSP just to play this one game!  Can’t wait for this release!!!

I am definately looking forward to Ape Escape coming to PSP. Ape Escape was such a great game when it was released for the original Playstation, (granted I only had a demo with 2 or 3 levels on it) but it was barely recognized in the U.S. It had such great innovation for the controller, and the animation was great. I can’t imagine this version being any less amazing or graphically beautiful.

The game I want so bad for psp is twisted meal head on. It has sick cell shaded grpahics and characters you havent seen for some time. It also has ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!!!!!! (Nintendo DS had no online games when it launched.)

I can’t wait to get my hands on wipeout pure I used to love that game it would be great to get my hands on it.

Without a doubt it has to be Lumines. Sure other games are good such as Metal Gear AC!D, Ridge Races, Wipeout, or Ape Escape, but Lumines remains at the top. I’m a fickler for puzzle games and Lumines has captivated me from the start. It’s Lumines that propelled my love for the PSP. I would really appreciate winning this PSP so I can play my anticipated Lumines.

Twisted Metal: Head-On
  I personoly think will be the best game to come out for PSP cause I have been a fan since Twisted Metal 1 and I find the gameplay for it very good nomatter what it is played on.  With all its weapons and fury Twisted Metal: Head-on will probably be the highest rated game for PSP

I am really hyped over Twisted Metal: Head-On, it is more like and improvement and sequel to an original Playstation classic. So many years after the release of Twisted Metal 2 World Tour, I can still pick it up and play it like it was brand new. This game has as much anticipation as any other series, I can even compare it to Metal Gear 4 and Socom 3. We can all say Twisted Metal 3 was a pure bomb, but Incog showed us that Twisted Metal can be reestablished as a favorite with Twisted Metal Black. And now with internet multiplayer capabilities on launch date, this game is even more worthy of my most wanted list. Other games during line-up are surely amazing, like Lumines, but most people like myself want to go back to childhood memories and bring back what was good at the time. .

The game i would like for the Sony PlaystaionPortable is Ape escape. You can call me a geek for such a game but it is a nice game. How many people can catch a monkey. Its a very challenging game but other than that its all about the gadgets like the REmote Control car and the Water Blaster.
    Now i wont lie i would like ridge racer for the psp and i think i have the guts to say that. But my first game i would buy is ape escape.
    Another game that would be nice is NFL street 2 unleased because i dont know who you are if you dont like football.
    I mostly like EA Sport Games because their intense. Kinda like ssx but im getting off topic. So thats the game i would like for my psp (if i had one)!!!


Hey, this give away over already? well if it isn’t then, its hard to say which game is I’d like to have but I’ll just totally have to go with the Metal Gear Acid. Its just a beautiful game, so freakin awesome. or that wipeout pure, but mostly I’ll go for Metal Gear. I played the second one and it just got me hooked and the third is a must play, must have and the fourth one?........I just can’t wait.

The games I really want to play is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The game look great. It GTA you just got to have it for your PSP. That the only good games that coming to the PSP this year.

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse,The reason why is the first Xmen legends games was great, this game looksbetter with the better charactersand everything

You know what game i think is a wonderful game?

Grand Theft Auto:Liberty Cities

Why you ask?Simple.This is because not only has this game gotta the best reviews and one of the best games at this century, it also has become impressive to see on the PSP.I mean if Sony could go this far into making a game then theres no stopping it into making continuous games such as GTA.The graphics may look a lil different on the PSP but they fit perfectly on it.This game was just released not too long ago and its already doing go so far.I don’t have a PS2 or any money to get one at all.All i have is a Gamecast(aka Gamecube sorry for the little joke from that movie)I’ve never played a PSP game or GTA game before in my life so thats one of the many reasons i aim to win this and any other contest out to win free PSP’s.I’ve seen this game on game trailers and people have told me about how awesome this game is but i’ve never had a chance to exactlly experience this game for myself to see how awesome this game is.This is one of the sickest games ever created and i hope that one day i’ll be able to play this game on a PSP.So i hope to win and if not i’ll keep tryin.

When you meant launch game i hope you didn’t mean games that came out when the PSP came out.Sorry for the extra comment but i just wanted to make sure.

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