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Monday January 24, 2005 4:07 pm

Gear Live Giveaway: Nintendo DS

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Description Each week, Gear Live gives away awesome tech prizes courtesy of PrizeCube. The winner of last week’s contest was trudat, who walked away with a Robosapien.

Nintendo’s newest handheld console has been hard to find in retail stores lately, and is just getting back to the point where you can find it at any local electronics store - but why should you when you can get it for free? This week we are giving away a brand new Nintendo DS to one lucky Gear Live reader. What do you have to do to be eligible? Simply register for the site if you haven’t done so already, and leave us a comment telling us what your first Nintendo handheld console was and which game you spent the most man hours on. We will take the best ones, and choose a random winner. As always, big ups to PrizeCube for sponsoring our weekly contests. As always, this is open only to those who reside in the USA.

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My first hand held was the Orginal Game Boy. This thing was the best and the batteries lasted forever. I played this thing for a month straight before they ran out. The first game I got was Mario World I played this game for 2 weeks straight before I beat it.I played it even at night with the light feature which kept me up until 4 in the morning.  It was because of this system that I became the game-aholic I am today owning all the systems except the DS. But Nintendo’s Game boy is the god of Nintendo’s consoles hand held or tv based.

My first nintendo system was n64. My first game for that was mario 64, which I played straight for 26 hours, no joke.

My first nintendo system was the great FAmicom, and the game was the best! !!! !!! Get this- it was Most Extreme Elimination challenge!

The first handheld nintendo console I got was a gameboy color which I bought like 2 years and I ended up buying pokemon silver right after and played that game for 3 weeks straight during the summer, barely got any sleep and had to pause (unfortunately) to get some. It was fun though.

My first Nintendo Handheld was the Original Gameboy! Dang that thing was fatty but at the time blew everyone’s mind away! I had Batman for it and it was by far my favorite game. I beat it 3 times and loved everything about it. I would love to give my son a DS so he can waste countless hours on videogames!


gameboy color, pokemon red, and pantera on a loop in my old sony stero. ahhh the good ole days…..  smile

My first nintendo handheld console was Game Boy Advance… with the blue color, of course my favorite color…
the game that I like the most was power rangers, but I also like Mario and Pokemon…
Those games are so cool!

My first nintendo handheld was a Game Boy Advance and i spent most of all my hours playing Po-Ke-Mon

I Hope I win it will be like special 16 b-day

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