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Tuesday February 15, 2005 3:58 am

Gear Live Giveaway: Logitech Harmony 676

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Description Each week, Gear Live gives away awesome tech prizes courtesy of . The winner of the last contest was Ben Vante, who walked away with a brand new .

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about how Logitech was giving away 100 Harmony 676 remotes per day for a week. If you weren’t lucky enough to cop one, we have your hookup. While we aren’t going to give away anywhere near 100 of these, we are going to give one away to a lucky reader. All you have to do is let us know what you would use this item for in the comments area. What kind of setup do you have in your living room? And hey, it’s a random drawing, so you can still win even if you have a poor man’s system. Don’t thank me, thank PrizeCube. As always, this is open to US residents only. You have a week.

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I have a Sony Wega 27” (got it for free hehe)
Connected to a DVD player and digital cable box, thats it so far.

I have a Harmony remote in my living room but would always love another for the bedroom.  They are the easiest remotes to program EVER!!!

Wish you could edit posts.  This remote would go with my 27” Wega, TiVo, Toshiba DVD, XBOX, PS2, and ummmmm can it control Sirius boomboxes?

I would use the Logitech Harmony 676 as a bone for my dog…and to clear away the clutter of remotes that I have now.  It would keep my hands free from having to juggle between 4 different remotes when trying to play a DVD!

Speaking of which, my living room setup is a Yamaha HTR-5740 with 6.1 surround sound and a 14 year old 28-inch Sony Trinitron.  Talk about upgrades…sheesh!

P.S. Yes, my T.V is in COLOR.

i have a 48 cm (seems im the only one who uses metric) tv that wont even accept remote control input… i guess it could work well for my vcr… i dont have a “sound system” except my tiny stereo double casette player. i guess when you said poor mans you didn’t mean this poor :D such is the life of a student not at home without a job.

I have a 50” LCD Projection TV, hooked up to a Panasonic home theatre with a built-in 5 DVD changer. An XBox, and a Panasonic VCR smile

Hope I’m gonna win !!!

im lazy, so i spend a lot of time in bed. if i could command my tv, dvd player, etc from my bed, id be a happy panda.

I’d use it for my 27” WEGA, my Sony reciever, XBox, crappy VCR, and most importantly with my new laptop.  It’s Avertec with the remote for watching DVD’s and stuff, and I would feel like quite the pimp controlling all my audio/video gear and my lappy with one remote.

Actually, I would rigg it to be used on my HTPC using Girder, LCD TV, and my dvd player. Reprogram all the buttons to do what I want it to. No BS here.

I got a crap system, but a bunch of things that use remotes.
Apex 20” flat screen
Digital Cable Box
Xbox w/ DVD remote
PS2 w/ DVD remote
It certainly sucks having to look for each of them if I’m in need of any of them

I cant believe how PrizeCube is so slow in their shipments, but they have time to promote their website…

@PrizeCube: Focus on your current customers first…

Well, all I really have to use it on is my TV, DVD Player, and Boombox, lol. Can this thing work with my A/C (i doubt it but oh well)?

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