On Gear Live: iOS 8 review: A more powerful iPhone experience arrives

Sunday April 24, 2005 7:00 pm

Gear Live Giveaway: iRiver H320 via HandheldsFree.com

iRiver H320 Giveaway

Alright guys, time for another Gear Live Giveaway. This time we have an iRiver H320 digital audio player for one of you. If you want it, simply tell us what - if anything - you would like to see on our new gaming site, Playfeed. If you have an idea about some features you would like to see on the site, let us know and you will be eligible to win the H320. A big thank you to Handheldsfree.com for sponsoring this giveaway. You can score a PalmOne Tungsten T5 from their site, which you can visit here. We are gonna give you two weeks for this one, but only if you are a United States resident. If not, no contest for you.

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I’d like to see some short videos or more hands on reveiws of new gadgets.  Like CNET but without the suck…

Previews and Reviews of games. Maybe a clan for a game, like Halo 2.

I would like you to add video reviews, previews and such. And video articles.  A lot of video features and featurettes in other words. And please be objective and fairly cover all three systems plus two handhelds.

I’d like to see more game reviews, not just links to other sites.

I’d be cool if you had things about live content. Like when new things are added to a game through xbox live. There will be alot more of this once the Xbox 360 comes out as well.

I’d like to see videos and reviews of games and portables.

More focus on the psp, it seems everyone is starting to forget about with the hype on the nextgen systems, i know there isnt much to talk about but maybe focus more on the accessories maybe? and the hacks of course

Well, it looks like enough people have said “maybe you should add reviews”. That would be cool, but theres no reason to go overboard on that. There are tons of sites out there dedictated to things like that.

And some people have even said things about adding a section for “cheats and hacks”. I personally dont think cheats or hacks are nessicary for playfeed. I think it has more class than that, id rather see the news about games, not how to cheat like a haXX0r. And besides there are enough places to find hacks from anyways.

I saw someone mentioned a ‘game of the week’. but Expanding on that one thing i havent seen mentioned is anything about monthly/weekly release dates for any/all games that look like they are going to make waves all all the consoles and systems. Like Empire Earth 2 is coming out this week! On other sites they always do things like “Oo in a year and a half some huge game will be out” then they forget to mention when it REALLY comes out and hits the shelves. I know id love a place to go and see that that awesome game has actually been released. It would be sort of like a ‘weekly/monthly christmas list’.

And i also dissagree with all the people who say things like “focus on this” or “focus on that”, “focus on the psp because of how much it is awesome”. to them i say… no. Id prefer if Playfeed didnt focus on anything and gave (as much as humanly possible) an unbiased review on everything that comes out. I want to know all of the news, not just the sensational hype parts of it.

I would like to see a section just for mods, maps, player skins for some of the online games. IGN doesn’t have that, if you could make a really good section for mods a lot of people would check it out

I would like to see some video reviews of products.  That would be cool.

updates on latest gaming acessories/hardware. Monthly list of new game releases. game reviews. cheat section can generate more traffic. Should fix the Categories section. Should have only the systems down (X-box,PS2 etc.) from there another page for that list the diff game genre for that particular system. (X-Box->FPS->CS)

I would like to see some reviews, game tips, cheats and videos, you gotta have videos, maybe have a section for user submited videos? That would be interesting.

I would like a “Inside the Game Industry” section…. in other words not just when the games are coming out but what’s going in the industry as well.

I’d like to see some game demos for download perhaps, and definitely game ratings.

I would like to see game reviews, there are a lot of sites out there that review games, but most of them suck and give bad ratings. SHOW EM HOW ITS DONE.

I’d like to see some sort of LAN gaming portal or at least a seperate forum for organizing or setting up LAN games in my city.

Maybe even a chat interface to quickly find challengers for online games.

Reviews would be cool obviously and who knows it might not be long before playfeed would get early releases of games and such to review like some of the other big sites wink.

Maybe doing video reviews would be a nice way to do it wink. Though don’t know how much I like those yet and the only thing I know I like about it is being able to see ingame video.

I also like the idea of having sections for game mods and such. Mods give a ton of extra life to games that we buy (pc games). A nice collection of mods or at least links to mods, for the bigger games (ut2k4, halflife2, doom…) would be great. Maybe even creating a new modder community where modders could gather and share their files and such wink.

Oh and did someone mention contest like this on playfeed too? heheh.

I would like to see a section on the hardware gamers use to play their favorite games.  Someone could post a picture of their gaming setup, post their specs, and list what games can be played.  I think that this would make the buying and upgrading process much easier once you can see the components at work and get advice from other gamers like you.

It would be cool to have reviews of games and even servers for the site like in Cstrike and Halo.

wow totalfixation i think has the right idea hes my hero
but im only posting to win something lol
still make one site with everything is better then going every where to get my daily fix of geekism

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