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Tuesday August 1, 2006 10:02 pm

Gear Live Appears In O’Reilly’s Google Maps Hacks Book

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Google Maps

Google Maps HacksAlright peeps, I know you all remember that Google Maps Saved Me From A Traffic Ticket story we did last year right? In case you missed it, we used Google Maps - pulling it up while in a court of law - to show that a police officer was lying (or had a horrible memory) and that the ticket presented should be thrown out. Oh, and we won.

It appears the guys at O’Reilly took notice, as the story is featured in their book, Google Maps Hacks. If you are interested, the book features a bunch of unique uses and mashups of Google Maps, and can be purchased for $29.99 USD.

Read More | Google Maps Helps Fight Traffic Tickets via Google Maps Hacks

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Wow, cool. Congrats Andru! Does the book give reference where it came from?

It seems like it happened to me only yesterday.  I wish Google would’ve gotten me out of a speeding ticket (my first ticket where I was found guilty) that I received a month ago….

Yeah, did they mention the site, or at least hook you up w/ some cash for the story since they are selling the book for $29.99 a pop?

They gave us full byline credit, listed our names, and gave a permalink to the story. The book is actually quite good smile

Congrats Andru!  I couldn’t believe it when I read the story!

Well good for you.. got out of a ticket, thanks to google maps smile

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