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Sunday January 16, 2005 7:52 am

Gameskinz Gaming Gloves

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Wearables, Video Games

Gameskinz Video Game GlovesIf you have a trouble keeping a nice grip on your controllers, develop insightly blisters after hours of gaming, or just want to look like an all around dork while getting down with your Gamecube, these gloves just might be in order. What are they? Nylon gloves with textured pads on the palms and fingers (two of which are missing). Yay.

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Hmm.. well I think people are getting a little desparate.  I don’t know how many people might buy these really. Maybe a few hard-core gamers, maybe a few people who think they are hard-core gamers, but that is about it…  Hope the company isn’t relying on this product that much..

Wonderful, but would like a pair with fingertips open and velcro around wrist for easy on and off.  Also where do you buy them?

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ChaosPunk ChaosPunk 12/4/13 4:41 am

I bought with something like 1.50 euro those from supermarket….


i cut all the four front fingers on the base and keep only the palm and the thumb…It fits perfect.. Not slide at all and provides the accuracy in really good level…Is not about pro gamer or something…I use it for FPS in PS4 only without those is impossible to be able to point in FPS…with those im better shooter than with keyboard and mouse… plus the touch pad work normal with the thumb too when are on… give a try you will be impressed…

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