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Friday October 19, 2012 2:55 pm

French authorities nab Android Trojan horse maker

Android Trojan Horse

Yet another case of malware found on Google Play. A 20-year-old man suspected of an elaborate Android Trojan SMS scheme was arrested in France. The alleged hacker tallied over 17,000 Android users that installed malicious software posed as copy cat apps. The scheme works by sending SMS messages at a premium cost. The hacker then earns a micro-transaction fee, leaving the unsuspecting user with an unexpected hefty monthly bill.

The hacker informed French authorities that he was more motivated by the technical aspect than monetary gain and had goals of becoming a software engineer. Cyber criminals  have made inroads into making malware in the Android platform partly because the Google Play Store is open and is not curated and vetted for security like Apple's App Store.  Hackers have created clone malware of popular apps like Skype, Instagram, and Angry birds. Some of these apps steal personal information and passwords and can capture pretty much anything you type.

Computer venders Security, like Sophos, strongly advise Android users to be vigilant and also install their free anti-virus security suite

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Sai Charan Sai Charan 8/3/13 8:39 am

Yeah, these days Viruses, spywares and malwares on Android devices and on Android market are increasing rapidly these days !!
Its always recommended to Use a Good Antivirus for your mobile, so that it will help you to increase your security smile

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Joe Thomas Joe Thomas 10/20/13 11:40 am

Yeah its pretty amazing how fast virus makers can change their process and start creating ones for android. IOS must be a little bit harder. Thanks for the read

Samantha A. Samantha A. 10/20/13 11:48 am

I wish they could catch these guys faster. The malicious software they are creating is destroying the internet. http://top10-antivirus.net

subhasini rana subhasini rana 3/2/14 5:05 am

This is so much valuable content.

Appseyes Appseyes 3/18/14 8:37 am

I wish they could catch these guys faster. The malicious software they are creating.

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