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Tuesday October 26, 2004 6:26 am

FreePalms.com: Get Your Free Palm Pilot

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FreePalms.com Palm Pilots for FreeWant a free Palm Pilot? Well, the next site in the recent wave of free offer sites has arrived - FreePalms.com. The site has come under a bit of scrutiny from visitors, due to it's design being a carbon copy of how Gratis Internet designs their websites. Many wondered if the site would even turn out to be legit. Burke Jones, the person who runs FreePalms.com, sent us a message which may or may not ease your minds, which you can read by clicking the link below.

FreePalms.com currently offers the Tungsten C Communicator, Zire 72, and the Tungsten 3 to those who complete the site requirements. Click here to sign up.
From Burke Jones:

Hello! I must say that I am very surprised with the events that have transpired today. I have received two e-mails from people asking about the freepalms.com site. So I thought it would be good to post here and at freeipodguide.com to clear up some issues.

Here is one:

I've noticed you're the operator of www.freepalms.com; can you shed some
light on a few questions?
1) Why the mimick of the gratis affiliate sites?
2) Are you really giving out palms?
3) Why did you start freepalms.com?

Here is my response:

Thanks for the well thought out questions - now for some honest answers....

1. This entire project has been in the works for a while. However, much to my surprise this is the second email like yours I have received today. I was wondering what was going on. When I logged into the site today I was really surprised at the activity. Although the site is live on the net, my developer jumped the gun. Evidently he started an Adwords campaign and the news spread fast. We are in the process of a complete site redesign which should be live in 3 to 4 weeks. It was never my intention to officially launch the site with the look that it currently has - in fact I am embarrassed that it was launched looking so much like a Gratis site. Gratis is a great company, and I never intended for our site to go "public" looking like theirs. We are in no way associated with Gratis.

Let me stress that the concept and terms WILL remain, the site will be getting a completely new look that is unique for freepalms.com. Now that the site is actually "live", although much earlier than I had hoped, we will be running it like a business from this point forward - and users that have signed up have nothing to fear. Just expect sometime in the next month for the look to completely change. I am unhappy with my developer for jumping the gun - he says he just wanted some actual users - and what he has started is unstoppable.

2. Yes, we will be giving out Palms for those who legitimately complete the process and our thorough fraud control review.

3. We have been involved in internet marketing thru actual e-commerce sites and affiliate marketing for the last several years. We wanted to expand and take our business in a new direction. While this is a new direction for our company, I am confident that our team will skillfully and fairly handle any bumps in the road.

If anyone has any further questions I will be happy to answer them - lets keep comments to this thread if possible.

Burke Jones
Tactical Gear Inc.

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