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Sunday October 17, 2004 11:45 am

Free Stuff: The Internet’s New Craze

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Hot Deals

Free iRiver H320How would you like a free iRiver H320? Maybe a free TiVo or ReplayTV is more your style. If watching your favorite shows on the go is your thing, then a free portable media center sounds about right. No, these are not scams, schemes, or hoaxes - they are the real deal. And it's the latest craze sweeping the internet. Not convinced? Click on one of the links above, and sign up. You will be on your way to expensive electronics at no cost to you. We take a closer look after the jump.
Many a Gear Live reader has been the recipient of a free iPod, free flatscreen TV or monitor, and recently a free Dell Dimension PC. We have many articles showcasing the Gratis Internet websites advertising the promotions. Many thought they were scams, and paid no attention. That is until their friends started receiving expensive electronics in the mail, at no cost to them.

Gratis Internet has been around for quite some time, giving out free DVD's, CD's, and even condoms. They recently took a gamble and decided to start giving out high priced items in exchange for referals. Word of mouth, rather than advertising, has paid off for Gratis Internet. Many other websites have decided to follow suit, trying to one up Gratis Internet's business model. There have been many small time acts, but recently one group of sites caught our attention. Not only do they give you a free item upon completing your referal requirements, but extra referals earn you a bonus gift!

PVPs4Free allows you to choose from an Archos AV420, iRiver PMP-120, Creative Zen Portable Media Center, or a 10" Samsung portable DVD player. The bonus gift here is a choice between Shure E2C headphones, or a $100 MusicMatch gift certificate.

MP3Players4Free offers a choice between an iRiver H320, a Rio Carbon, a 20 GB iPod, or an iPod mini with your choice of color. Earn a free gift, and you can choose between an iTrip, an iBeam Laser Flashlight, or a $20 iTunes or MusicMatch gift certificate.

Finally, DVRs4Free offers the latest 80 Hour Series2 TiVo, or 80 hour Replay TV. Earn a free gift, and you can choose between a Harmony Remote 688 or a 6 Month TiVo subscription.

It will be interesting to see how these offers do compared to those tried and true Gratis Internet offers. The links above will allow you to sign up and get started on your way toward free gear. If you sign up under any of the links above, we will post your referal link right here in this article for all to see.

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