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Tuesday July 12, 2005 8:21 pm

Free Blackberry with Pizza?

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Blackberry + Papa John's Pizza In quite possibly the strangest corporate cross-promotion ever Papa John’s is now offering a free (after rebate) Blackberry 7100g phone to customers who place an online order for Pizza, drinks, and a side. A two-year service agreement is required so it sounds like a fairly standard cellular deal to me. What I don’t get is what the link between hot, fresh, cheesy pizza, and cutting edge wireless devices.

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“Consumers will commit to a new 2 year voice and data service agreement for $74.98 per month which will consist of an email data plan at $34.99 per month plus a voice plan for $39.99 which includes 450 anytime minutes, plus 5000 night and weekend minutes and mobile to mobile unlimited calling. Customer will pay $150.00 and will receive a $150.00 Mail-In Rebate with the device.”

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