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Tuesday March 14, 2006 11:14 pm

Fossil Half-Past Watch

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Fossil Positive-Negative

Fossil has a watch out that’s perfect for everyone who enjoys something a little offbeat for a timepiece.  It’s the Positive/Negative Display watch, which doesn’t read like a conventional wristwatch.  Instead, it delivers typical slang for time telling in the form of “20 til 3” for 2:40, and “half past 11” for 11:30.  For indicating AM the LCD display is shown with a negative background and for PM the background is positive. 

Designed by postmodern architect Frank Gehry, the watch is available as shown with a titanium bezel and black croco leather band (exactly what kind of animal is a croco?).  Other options include brown croco leather with a gold ion bezel and a black ion bezel with gray suede.  No matter your choice of color and style, the watches are available for $150 USD.

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I understand about croco = crocodile.  It was said tongue-in-cheek as it’s not really a crocodile strap.  It’s leather with a crocodile pattern embossed into it.  Similar in nature to those pleather straps that try pass themselves off as real leather.

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